I'm writing about CBD. As the WA training teaches, each of my articles targets different keywords.

However, I feel the need to start each article with a paragraph explaining "What Is CBD?"

My first article is about "What is CBD Good For", my second article is about "Does CBD Relieve Pain?". My third article is about "What Is CBD Oil For?"

Can I start each article with the same paragraph entitled "What Is CBD?" to explain to the reader what CBD is before getting into the rest of the article?

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Aussiemuso Premium Plus
I certainly wouldn't start each post with the same paragraph, it's possible that Google would see it as plagiarism which could affect your ranking.

jghwebbrand Premium
Your first paragraph should be about your keyword phrase.

I would not copy the same content about CBD oil. If you need to talk about what it is state it in another way.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - its not ideal. Your first paragraph should focus on your keyword to emphasise to Google what your article is about.

And it won't be a good user experience for your readers, if they read several articles and each one starts the same.

I suggest you write one article explaining what CBD is, and then add a link to that article in your other content. Then your readers have the choice of going to read it if they want.

Having said that, if they are searching for keywords that are about CBD, I would perhaps assume that they already know what it is.
MikeyDead Premium
Ok thanks !
wozzy Premium
They are 2 totally different keywords so that is not a problem.

You could use the same exact keyword but that wouldn't make any sense at all.

MikeyDead Premium
Thanks for your reply Mick.

But is it ok to start each article with the same paragraph explaining what CBD is?