I insert images from the Media Library. Can I delete an image from the Library after it has been insert into a post and the post has been published without losing the image in the post? Also, I can I custom modify an image for things like image size and different types of word wrap. I know that the MA menu offers a limited choice of image size and placement, but I want more. Thanks

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Hey Burton,

If you wish to delete an image from your Media Library then DO make sure that you are NOT using that image ANYWHERE on your website.

If you delete an image that IS linked to a page or post, you will cause a broken graphic to be displayed on that page or post where the image USED to be.

Image in your Media Library that are added to your posts/pages must remain in your Media Library.

I always recommend that you ONLY ever upload the EXACT sized images that you want to use. This will prevent your website being burdened with several images of the same thing, and all of them being forced to remain.

See screen print below to see how to find tutorials on editing images that have been published right here on the WA platform.

Hope you find this helpful.