Hi, I looked around here on WA but couldn't find a clear answer. It seems a simple issue.
I'm doing a post in a "How to..." series and at the end I was

going to have a FAQ section. I have already written the first post a few months ago and now want to write a second/similar post but different topic. This FAQ section will be almost identical to the post I am about to write. I use tools to ensure my content is not duplicate and know I will get warnings when I write this FAQ.
Another example is I have an "About John Stanley" at the bottom of each post that is the same.
1. Can I have exact duplicate FAQ content on my website (i.e. 1 post has an FAQ section that is identical to another post)?
2. If not, would I have to link to a separate FAQ page
Any other suggestions welcome

25 Oct 2019 DECISION: Thank you everyone. Based on the comments and Keisalina9's link to Kyle's comment on another post, my course of ACTION will be:
1. NOT have that same FAQ's in two different posts
2. Either Curate the content (meaning amend the FAQ's to be different between the two POSTS) OR
3. Create a separate FAQ PAGE and link both posts to it.

This is a comment quoted from Kyle, WA, Co-Owner in response to the subject of'duplicate content.'

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Featured Comment by Kyle, October 16, 2019.

"Google does not like duplicate content and you will instantly lose all credibility and ranking potential within Google as a result of this. This is absolutely going to curb any chances of success with your website.

All your website content should be 100% unique. Sometimes you may need to quote something or curate a component of the content, but I don't recommend that you have any more than 5% duplicate content on a given page (ideally you would have zero).

Unique, quality content is what will lead to rankings!"

SUPPORTED by Google's guidelines on Duplicate Content, notably the parts on Minimize boilerplate repetition and

Minimize similar content.

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JoePlale Premium
Duplicate content is a funny issue ......

I have a “First hand account remembrance” that I have posted in different Forums and websites over the years.
If I run it thru a Plagiarism Checker it says “25% Plagiarism .. 75% Unique” ??
[I have the disclaimer
“ … {Originally posted By Me, in 2011 and again in 2013} © MtnManJoe 2011” appended to the Post] .. and it is in fact posted on WA.

Not sure I would worry too much about unintentional reposts.
DUH .. How can it be plagiarized if it is Your Own Content??



JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Thanks Joe, that is a great disclaimer to use when posting what you have posted, thank you for sharing your tips here.
PhilipC1 Premium
I was thinking...

Alternatively, take a screen shot of your FAQ's, several if you have to, and insert them into your post without adding any information inside those images.

Clean crisp snippets should do the trick if you really want your FAQ's in your post.
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Thanks Philip, that's a very creative suggestion. I'll consider that one too.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
FAQ and Legal Policies have different rules than those of regular post. The page is generally marked no follow no index and is penalized on that page only at best for Duplication. You hardly ever see a disclaimer or privacy policy listed in search results.
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
FAQ though I would put on it's own page instead of a post per post basis. I was talking about FAQ pages above.
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Thanks Andy, I have the FAQ's in the first POST and am doing a similar post with similar FAQ's. I don't have a page for FAQ's yet. The FAQ's are about how to build a website using Wealthy Affiliate as part of a whole "How to make money in niche X"
So my first thoughts is that it sat well at the bottom of the respective posts to keep the reader all on that one post RATHER than reading my "How to make money in niche X" and going off to another page.
i.e. I was thinking to have ll the info and CTA on the one post to get greater conversions.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Philip makes a great point; what about linking to the content? OR are you using it as a template? I guess if it was truly duplicate, maybe you wouldn't even be allowed to publish it in Site Content? Just a thought. I'm a total newbie, but it's my 2 cents. Good luck! :)
PhilipC1 Premium
Why don't you just link to your FAQ's? Give them a few teaser questions you feel are most relevant to your audience to incentivise clicks to your own FAQ's.

So duplicate content is not a good idea. Perhaps you can get away with 5% dupe content but that is about it.