I need some clarification! I just started Level 3 and am now starting to write "best of," best buy," and "review" posts. My understanding is that the way to add images would be to add them from the manufacture's website. Because I am NOT part of an affilite program yet, should I just leave all images or brandnames that I might use as "un-linked?"

Then as I join affilitate programs I can add links to those sites on the images or in the text?

I just want to make sure I do this correctly and don't link to something I shouldn't, etc!



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mikebeatty Premium
Yep Abbies spot on. I often send a quick email just to confirm I have permission to use their images (you may need to link back to them or something, which I tend to do anyway as it can help you become an affiliate eventually)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Some GREAT answers here, Lynn!

Newme202 Premium
Great question!
JohnAitken1 Premium
Yes, Abbie has some good advice below.
AbieAJ Premium
HI, like you stated if you are not affiliated yet, then no.

And when you are, I'd use whatever material they provide me. For example WA provide us banners to use in addition to our links.
LSpurgat Premium
Ok-thanks! For now, I will just leave everything unlinked and just concentrate on the content and images themselves.

Thanks again Abie!