I am currently considering running a website for a friend who has her own business gardening. I would be in charge of the maintenance of the site, automation of appointments booked online sent to her email inbox, updating any company offers,Info,etc.

However, she also wants to run some online classes where she'd write Blog post classes and stuff.

Would it be best just to run the site as an admin and add her as a contributor and just let her in to publish blog posts?

Or would it be best if I do everything myself and just have her send her contributions to me by email and I publish the from there?

Still at the baby stage this website at present, so I'm just brainstorming ideas at the moment. So any suggestions or experiences in this field, I'd love to hear.

Thanks guys


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MBdesire Premium Plus
Hi, Nuggetz, think it might be helpful for us
richardgb Premium
Assuming that you mean to be usung your hosting, as others have already said, it is entirely your choice.
Abie points out, productivity is a key consideration.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
You can give anyone you want access and different levels of access.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You are wanting make sure that content is original and of high quality contain good of choice of keywords addresses your niche issues and written in own words.

Otherwise you'd end up editing other peoples work and that's not productivity.

However as far as who has access, that's totally your choice.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Each can login separately to the platform

via https://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin - of course replacing it with your own domain name.

You need to collect credentials via site manager.
Hackerist Premium
That's completely up to you. Do you have broad experience in projects like that?