My raking just suffered a dramatic drop, I just became aware of a mistake I made in one of my exercises, would that be a contributing factor.?

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Hendrik290 Premium
My ranking dropped by more than 1000 but i dont mind it climed by 28000 in 2 days:)
JudeP Premium
No, we are all experiencing it today - some kind of glitch in the system. Will probably right itself tomorrow :)
paulgoodwin Premium
Please do not even bother about yourWA ranking it has nothing to do with anything as it is only a WA piece of fun - wor3k on your website that is what is important
AnthonyMLM Premium
I think everyone having problem with ranking, don't really know why? But I just keep on working on my blog.
Cynthiah1 Premium
I doubt it. My rank went from in the 700's to back into the 800's. It may just be an across the board adjustment. I am pretty new but from all I read a lot of people were affected.