I have found numerous great, sometimes humorous, videos on the utube channels. Are they protected if I can get to them without a password and they are NOT labeled protected, private or have an assigned Registration?
IF I can use them, may I change them?
May I take pictures from the videos and use?

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Heidi56 Premium
People don't have an official possibility to download - unless from their own channel. But there are many extensions which people use to download whatever they want. If they upload to their own channels sometimes Google gets it and asks them for the written authorization, but they might also not notice it as long as it is not music (there they notice everything).
If you notice someone else using your content without your permission you can certainly report those channels.
GomMagtibay Premium
In my understanding, those videos can be shared online but cannot be downloaded and re-uploaded in your own channels. Because, although you don't see actual notice of copyright, they are a property of their owners. If you want to share them via your website, there's a tool below any video wherein you can get the code and embed them to your website so the video will appear on your website without stealing it.
PatriciaWarf Premium
Thank You. I thought that had to be the case but just checking. Do you know if I can take the video apart and only use a portion? I have movie maker from Microsoft. thanks.
GomMagtibay Premium
I am not sure of this, but through intuition, I guess this is the right thing to do:

If you want to do it that way, it would be good if you can contact the owner of that video, the one who uploaded it. Then ask if you can take the video and use only a portion of it.

That is for videos that are not generic. Because, there are sometimes videos that look like there are no owners because they are too generic. In that case, you may freely do as you wish.