Hi Kyle and Carson,
It seems like there are issues with the “Site Comments” section. I know you have been reading and watching the comments all about this.
I will say it again, this looks and feels like a “royal mess” and I mean a “royal mess”.
On one hand, we are told by some here at WA that Google cares and ranks us based on the interaction in the comments sections.
But, on the other, the hand people are getting disapproved for trying to be interactive with the writers of the post by asking questions or whatever.
Also, having a lack of experience is a reason to disapprove one’s comments. What is this about? If we go by this logic, if I don’t have experience in a subject, then I shouldn’t comment on anything but what I have experience in.
Or worse, some people are disapproved because of their sex, especially when guys comment on something like “makeup”.
I would be willing to bet if women were “disapproved” because of their sex, we would be seeing an uproar about this. Maybe I am wrong.
I thought the whole point of commenting on a post was about encouraging and cheering each other forward in their website success.
If my approval or disapproval rate is based on my sex or experience in a subject, then what is the point of offering or requesting comments at all.
Kyle and Carson, I respect you both very much. You both have created an awesome platform for me and others to succeed in our internet success dream. I love you for this.
I know for most people here in the WA, it is about making money, myself included.
I hope and pray WA and every member here will reach beyond our wants and needs and try to think about how we teach each other.
No one deserves “disapproval for anything” unless it is rude or hurtful.
It is not rude to offer comments because I lack experience in a subject, or I ask a question to engage the author, or I am a guy.
I know you both do a lot behind the scenes we as members never see. Please look at this and at least say something on this subject.
We need to hear from you about this. You are our leaders.
I know you didn’t want this to be an issue, but it is. Please address and fix this.
I respect you both very much.
Thank you for all you do.

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Labman Premium
There is a clear set of rules for commenting. Some people are more focused on getting multiple comments through the system than are they interested in providing clear relevant comments to the websites.

Provide the kind of responses that people need and they will be approved.