Hi Kyle and Carson,
It seems like there are issues with the “Site Comments” section. I know you have been reading and watching the comments all about this.
I will say it again, this looks and feels like a “royal mess” and I mean a “royal mess”.
On one hand, we are told by some here at WA that Google cares and ranks us based on the interaction in the comments sections.
But, on the other, the hand people are getting disapproved for trying to be interactive with the writers of the post by asking questions or whatever.
Also, having a lack of experience is a reason to disapprove one’s comments. What is this about? If we go by this logic, if I don’t have experience in a subject, then I shouldn’t comment on anything but what I have experience in.
Or worse, some people are disapproved because of their sex, especially when guys comment on something like “makeup”.
I would be willing to bet if women were “disapproved” because of their sex, we would be seeing an uproar about this. Maybe I am wrong.
I thought the whole point of commenting on a post was about encouraging and cheering each other forward in their website success.
If my approval or disapproval rate is based on my sex or experience in a subject, then what is the point of offering or requesting comments at all.
Kyle and Carson, I respect you both very much. You both have created an awesome platform for me and others to succeed in our internet success dream. I love you for this.
I know for most people here in the WA, it is about making money, myself included.
I hope and pray WA and every member here will reach beyond our wants and needs and try to think about how we teach each other.
No one deserves “disapproval for anything” unless it is rude or hurtful.
It is not rude to offer comments because I lack experience in a subject, or I ask a question to engage the author, or I am a guy.
I know you both do a lot behind the scenes we as members never see. Please look at this and at least say something on this subject.
We need to hear from you about this. You are our leaders.
I know you didn’t want this to be an issue, but it is. Please address and fix this.
I respect you both very much.
Thank you for all you do.

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kiliwia62 Premium
There are always improvements to be made. I do understand what you saying and had some similar thoughts, on and off, in the past.

Google values engagement and, I also think, about how we react to these engagements. I had a couple of comments, received outside of WA, which were a bit challenging to one of my posts but were not rude or anything like it.

Of course, I responded properly and also have approved of the comments.

I am with you on that, that we can't or even should expect to receive "perfect tailored" comments, all the time, to our own liking.

It shows to me that someone is a real authority in how they handle the more challenging comments.

Sorry, you had to experience some trouble with the Site Comment platform, I can assure you, you are not alone on this.

johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi kiliwia62,
Thank you and thank you so more. This seems like an onion, the more layers we peel back, the more it stinks.
I really appreciate your straightforward comments.
I love your advice about handling "challenging comments". I will remember your words, especially going forward.
Thank you so much for your courage, my fellow warrior.
Good points. It helps knowing I am not alone on this.
phil1944 Premium
The whole Comments area has improved a lot in the past couple of weeks, so I believe the issues are being addressed.

It's a bit of a pendulum swing. The issue was spam comments. Now it seems to be unfair disapprovals.

But hopefully, we'll get there.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Phil,
I am just wondering how it has improved in the "site comments" area in the past couple of weeks. I don't see it. What is the evidence of that? If I am missing it, then show me where it is improving. I don't see it.
It seems like people are finally speaking up about the problems with this "site comments". That's not an improvement, that's an illumination of the problem.
Just because we are talking about it more does not mean it improving. It helps and it is a start. Almost daily someone is "disapproved" for reasons we as commentators don't have any control over. I would bet there are a lot more than we read about.
I hope and pray it is improving. Apparently, you are seeing approvement I don't see.
I agree with at least talking about this is better than nothing. Let's be honest talking about change without action is worthless. If it takes time to change things I get that, but I don't even see talk about changes not just from members, but from our leaders here at WA.
I am going to ask you a question and this question is for everyone here at WA. Do you think it is okay to be disapproved for your sex, your lack of experience in a subject as a factor (I don't about you, but do you research every subject you comment or do you trust the writer to do the research so you can make an informed or encouraging comment on their post and their research), or because of asking questions ( If they didn't ask for questions, I get that) to engage the writer in a personal way? I love it when people offer more than a comment, they offer a piece of themselves.
We keep getting preached about making good quality personal thought out comments, then sometimes (I agree it doesn't happen a lot) we get punished for what we are told what to do. Come on now. Clear this up.
If Google likes and promotes interaction in comments, then shouldn't we understand the rules of Google. WA's protocol about comments needs to match the protocol of Google comments requirements since we have to bow down to Google's index and ranking guidelines.
As usual, I have gone on and on about this. I am so sorry. But we need to understand something. The first step to solving a problem is admitting there is a problem. I hope and pray we can at least do that.
I wish the best for everyone here not only about our internet dreams but to be better humans. Our world needs this.
Let's be the light on the hill.
phil1944 Premium
My opinion about the site comments area improving was referring to the fact that previously we were all complaining about leaving good comments but getting 2 line cut and paste spam comments in return. I covered this in 2 blog posts: Apparently the issue now is comments being unfairly disapproved. I can't address that as I haven't given any comments for the last 10 days or so. I've never had a comment disapproved so don't have any experience of what you're referring to.

I'll continue to watch with interest and may try leaving a couple of comments just to see what's changed.