Hi Everyone. I have just joined Amazon Associates and because I am based in the UK I am part of the UK site. Which is fine in itself - my worry is that if someone clicks on my link who is not from the UK, will they be taken to a page selling an item in UK sterling? And then will my affiliate link be lost if they transfer to their home amazon site? Or is the affiliate link clever enough to transfer to the home country site of the visitor?

Any help gratefully received!

Thank you :)

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Josh From Oz Premium
No you have to sign up to each individual country that has the Amazon affiliate program. There are plugins that allow you to insert all the different country affiliate links but you would have to research on that as I don't use them.
Louise2812 Premium
Thank you Josh. That's what I suspected. After a little more research on WA I did actually find a plug-in you can get called 'Amazon Link Engine' which should convert my links to the home country site.

Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
jvranjes Premium
Actually Amazon Link Engine plugin is a part of Genius. So a) it is free only up to 1000 clicks/month, b) this means all your sales will be going through somebody's computer. I was reluctant to use it due to this.

I have been using EasyAzone (not free) but recently I realized that my links are simply missing in texts when connection is slow, so I am losing clicks. Contacted them and did not get any reasonable answer, except for trivial (empty cache, start switching other plugins one by one etc).
Louise2812 Premium
Thank you, that is good to know. It's a little difficult working out the best way forward with affiliate links. I might just do as Josh suggested and sign up to amazon.com as well.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me :)