Hi WA Fam,

I was recently contacted by Bloggers Connected. To collaborate with one of their clients for a sponsored post.

1. Anyone had experience with them? Would like to hear your views.

2. What would be the rate for a sponsored post?

I did my research before asking this question. And so far, I found out that they are legit. I am just wondering whether they are good to work with, are they reliable, should I consider this?

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RascalEliza1 Premium
No, sorry but interesting to know if others have experience so thank you for asking.
Timotheus Premium
My pleasure 🙂👍
Triblu Premium
Hey Timotheus,

In researching them, I can only say to please use with caution if you do decide to collaborate through their site.

You SHOULD ALWAYS research ANYTHING like this for yourself to see what others have posted freely online.

Example of my search in screen print below... NOTE: I had to scroll down the page to find the actual reviews.

Also, the snippet that is offered in the second screen print below is a mere snippet of the info that site offers on Bloggers Connected.

Personally, this screams RED FLAG to me.

Hope you find this helpful.
Timotheus Premium
Thanks Trish. I did do some research (as mentioned above). Missed that point you grabbed in 2nd image. Hmmm ... it is a red flag.

Thanks for the help.. Have a great day. Stay safe.