Hello everyone,

Is it possible to tell the difference between comments received from WA members through SiteComments and a regular visitor to your website?

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ChristineDu1 Premium

When I get organic comments, the commenter usually doesn't always have a gravatar, and sometimes there is no website registered with them.
That's how I have recognized organic comments so far. I'm sure there are other ways to find out, but I don't know them yet ;-) I hope this helps :-)
Codjoe Premium
Hi Christine, I'm grateful for the response. I'll keep an eye out on that too. I'm sure there is a much more obvious way though.
JTeston Premium Plus
To tell the difference, you will see site comments waiting for approval through the WA account. If none showing in WA, then go to your site to approve comments. Some leave twice so they can have backlinks posted back to their site while getting credit through WA. Just be careful not to approve both.
Codjoe Premium
Thank you. This is very helpful