I am producing recipes on a site based in England , but I want people around the world to view my website. Should I use English or American spellings? A good example would be a recipe I have created for Chilli, but this is spelt Chili in American English. Any help would be appreciated.

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RichBrennan Premium
If you're only looking at the UK market, then stick to the Queen's English, but if you're looking at going global, then American English is the default language of the internet and so is probably the better option.
As a fellow Brit it sticks in the throat a bit to say that but, hay ho!
Attached are a few words of wisdom from 'The Boss'.
However, as she's well into her 90's now, she might not be that internet savvy!
Rich :-)
Dale123 Premium
In my opinion, if you're English it's best to just write the English versions. Be you :)

The only thing I'd advise avoiding though is using British idioms, as these are not well understood outside of Britain.
feigner Premium
just done a little research into this and...
it is possible to detect where your visitor is coming from ( assuming they are not hiding their location) and you can customize the content as to where the visitor is from
so if they come from america- show them cup measurements
if they come from the uk - 0z's or gms
and if europe then definitely gms.
plugins may be your helpers
personalization plugins, dynamic content, geo targeting are all keywords to help you select something to help
from what i have seen there are a couple of plugins that look interesting
if-so is one which works with the latest wp version
i have not played with it so set it up on a test site and see if you can change parts of yuor content based on location.
how do you test - well there are sites on the web that alow you to appear to be from different places - jump on them and see what they can do
the other one is geotargeting lite - this is untested with the latest wp version - but you can wrap parts of your content and show it based on location.
this is something i have thought about, but not looked into - so thanks for jogging hte memory.
this maybe something you do for the future and test on a test site first.
but worth bearing in mind and done well would look clean
but at the moment then i would look at who you are targeting and use the spelling for that country
if you say the whole world - then i would say 'if you try to talk to everybody then you end up talking to nobody'
you could have a link to the other weights and measures ( and spelling) on the article add this just above the ingredients list.
good luck
android6706 Premium
Thanks Phil.
I have a recipe plug in, so my units are in metric and imperial. It’s just the spelling that I couldn’t decide what to do.
feigner Premium
you know your audience....
but wouldn't it make you stand out if only one set of measurements and the right spelling was in there for the different countries....
android6706 Premium
The plugin I’m using is wa recipe pro. The ingredients will be metric, but you just push a button on the page to convert to imperial. Unfortunately I can’t see that this can be done for the spelling.
feigner Premium
the if-so plugin can detect location and change the spelling of words within your article - or you could have the spelling change depending on what measurements they choose.
or add a flag at the top to allow them to select which version of measurements and change the spelling at thesame time....
loads of ways of approaching it - it all depends on what you wannt to present to your visitors.
android6706 Premium
Thanks again Phil. At the moment it is only affecting one page with Chili being the offending word. Traffic is 164 per month with the American spelling and less than 10 with English so I guess American it is.
Joo77 Premium
Look at your website visitors profile. Are they mostly from places that use British or American English.
android6706 Premium
Good idea Joo, but at the moment I have no traffic as I haven't asked the site to be indexed yet. This is because I want to launch with a fully functioning, content-rich website.
Joo77 Premium
Oh I see. In that case I would use whatever I’m more comfortable with, then adjust accordingly if there’s a need, after getting some traffic.