I've gotten only 1 sale back in April 2017, and recently had 1 ordered item. I get about 30 clicks a month. Then.. today I logged in and everything is GONE. No clicks, no ordered items, no sales, everything is just BLANK, as if I just started today. WTF!

I'm not mistaken it is the US site, this year, everything is right. Why??
Here is a screenshot of it. You can see at the bottom there are two items, one was from the sale and one was the ordered item.

But under "payment history" I can still see that the one sale I had is still recorded because under "unpaid balance" it says $3.29

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DoubleTap Premium
No worries! Check the date range for the info displayed. Also check to see if it's displaying for the new month.

Payment history shows that it's still there. It will be paid out as soon as you hit your monthly threshold.

Change your date range to the last 30 or 60 days and it'll show up again.
andrel Premium
I guess it just some kind of maintenance. I have the same picture.
MrKent Premium
Nice, didnt that that surprise you? I thought I was banned or something
Jurgen78 Premium
Got the same. Nothing to worry about ;)