Hi everyone, just wondering with my about me widget, at the moment it is showing on every page/post, does this need to be?

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MisterWailor Premium
You just use a normal sidebar or footer widget and add picture and text for your about me content. Then you can install a "Display Widget", which will let you choose which page it will display on.
JJordie Premium Plus
In one of my websites I have an about me in a widget on my side bar so yes it shows up on every page or post. A different website I moved the about me widget to the footer and it shows up there, for all pages. If you leave it in your top menu then it will show up on every page also because these areas are available for you to see because it lists pages and posts and reference material you have written about in your website. I hope this is what you were referring to.
Juneyo Premium
Unless you want to set your about me widget to only appear on a certain page/post on your site then, yes, it’s going to be visible on every page/post.
Oma07 Premium
I finally figured that out. I went into each page and you can change each page. When you open the page scroll down about midway, you will see it has a list of options, I wanted a couple of full width pages and I changed it and it got rid of the right and or left widget. Hope this helps.
JVanDerLaan Premium
I like to use an About Me page and that is what I see most often online, but maybe your a trendsetter!

Nothing wrong with that!
PjGermain Premium
LOL! Agree, generally, I use an About Me page. The sidebar is crucial virtual real estate. I save that for affiliate banners and quick navigation stuff. Just my preference.