Why Working Part Time Can Secure Your Whole Life!

Last Update: January 12, 2021

Can working part-time really secure your whole life? Some may think it can add a couple of extra bucks into the bank account - but does this have an effect to change your whole future? Discover the power that can be achieved by doing some casual work and where this can take you well into the future...

"Looking For The Whole Part-Time Gig"!

Looking for part-time Gigs can be quite difficult! I mean, you've got to find paid work that fits in with your other full-time job, picking up the kids, or other stuff you are involved with.

By now your probably thinking, "Wow! - This is all too hard..." but the truth is, securing your whole life now is really possible.

I'm not talking about the traditional part-time work that you would traditionally do to earn a quid - but work that you can do when and how you'd like it. Does this sound good to you?

Of course, it's not gonna be a walk in the park either. No one going to give us a free ride to financial freedom - we've got to earn that right.

What Is The "Secret Sauce" To Making Money?

The "Secret Sauce" to making money in the traditional sense is one that we are all quite familiar with. Get a full-time job, work hard, get promoted, and live happily ever after, right.

But there's one BIG problem that will hinder us in 2020 - we are all expendable! Workplace loyalty is at an all-time low and in fact, Employers expect most people will change jobs every 2 Years.

Frequently changing Jobs is a Modern thing that's only been going on for the last 10 Years. I remember when I was a lad, we were expected to get just the one job to build into a career.

Things have surely changed and how can one expect to get financially secure job hopping? In the true sense - it probably won't happen!

There are some cases where Job Hopping can pay off especially in the Technical fields but on all - people are just becoming bored and tired a lot quicker.

The "Secret Sauce" Has Been Revealed!

For those of you itching to find out what the "Secret Sauce" to making money is in the non-traditional sense, here it is - PERSISTENCE!

Now we know that persistence in the traditional sense will probably not work as well because your boss thinks you are going to desert him anyway.

So, how can we secure our futures in non-traditional ways?

Here's the kicker! You can but you will have to be persistent with your work and goal setting.

Working Part-Time With An Online Business

Creating an online business for yourself is the way of the future and is gaining potential every year. It can be done anywhere you can access the Internet and this won't interfere with your everyday duties.

Being persistent and working on a home business over a 3-year period can rake you in over 4K each month. 4 year period - over 5K, and 5 years - over 7K, we'll you get the picture here.

If we gonna live the lives that we expect well into the future, then a non-traditional point of view can work for you...

PERSISTENCE, Persistence Wins The Race!

For all you Wealthy Affiliate Members steadily winning the race, well done!

For those of you that are just beginning your journey, persistence.

For first-timers reading this blog, Wealthy Affiliate!

For everybody else, good luck for the future...

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Sunniest regards, Jeff.😃

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WaynePro Premium
Great post, Jeff. I completely agree persistence is the key.

AlanJE Premium Plus
Good points Jeff, thanks for sharing, Alan.
skmorrow Premium
I agree with you, persistence is key. I work for a huge company and we just bought another huge company. We are all replaceable and I expect synergies will be on the way soon (i.e, two people doing the same job, someone has to go).

Building an online business is definitely partly to secure my future, hopefully, earn some additional money (double dip) while I am employed. Long-term I am hoping my online business will lead to me being unemployed :). Well in the traditional sense anyway.
AussieJeff Premium
Sounds like a solid plan, my friend.
MKearns Premium
The secret sauce = do the work!
AussieJeff Premium
Yeah, felt a bit inspirational Mike.
Certainly is the case in a non-traditional way...