What Is The Best Images For A Website?

Last Update: October 01, 2020

What is the best images for a website when you are deciding between a JPEG or a PNG image and where's the most beneficial place to put these on your site.

What Is The Best Image Type For A Website?

There has been many debates flowing around between Internet marketers about what is the best image type for a website.

Is a PNG image the best choice for your site or do you go with JPEG, s that look very similar to there counterpart?

The fact is that whilst these two image formats can look identical on our websites, there are major differences between the two.

For us that run a WordPress website and want the 'Fastest' load speeds possible - do you think that you can dramatically decrease your site speed by adding either one?

Well, the answer is a BIG, yes!

What Is The Best Image Format For A Website?

Now, at this point - you might be wondering what is the best image format for a website that's not gonna affect our WordPress site speed?

Is it a PNG image or a JPEG?

Well, the answer in short is that PNG images do affect the speed of your WordPress Website!

As WP Sites load all the JavaScript strings from the header, placing a simple PNG image as your first or 2nd image near the head can reduce your 'Mobile' speed by up to 15 points.

If you have 2 or more PNG Images near the header, you can expect bigger drops in your mobile page speed loading time as above.

So, to clear up matters once and for all - always load a JPEG as your first image and even better, as your second image to.

JPEG, s and PNG images do have there place though and there are circumstances with you would want to use a JPEG over the other.

What Is The Best Image Format For The Web?

Now we know what is the best image format for the web to use, is there any difference in the quality of a PNG image compared to JPGEG, s?

The best rule of thumb when downloading your images to a WordPress website goes something like this...

Always use a JPEG image if there's plenty of color and depth to the picture as like the image shown at the beginning of this Wealthy Affiliate Blog.

PNG images are best used for 'Capture' shots of diagrams you take off the net for research purposes where the definition of words or numbers need to be clear to read.

In most cases, a JPEG image will just be as clear as an PNG but using PNG, s in the middle or near the end of your blog post is the better option.

Leave me a reply in the commenting area below if you have any questions or just feel like saying hi.

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AlyseS Premium
Hi Jeff: Thanks for this helpful post!!

If I'm using the site content graphics, is that okay and which format are they?
CarlaNavarro Premium
Hey Jeff, great information.To be honest with you, i always wanted to know which was better.

Personally, I look for images through various sources, and sometimes I see they are PNG or JPEG, never knew what the difference was in relation to applying to your website.

I learned something new.
Thanks a bunch!! This is what we are all here for, to learn from one another. Really appreciate your information..

Happy Friday!
AussieJeff Premium
No worries, Caria!
SamiWilliams Premium
Interesting information that we have not seen discussed lately.
Thanks for the reminder.
Aparna155 Premium
Best thing I have read about Images in a long long time. Thank u Jeff
lesabre Premium
Hi Jeffrey, I have been using jpeg images and converting any png images before they go on my site. I also follow what you say by putting the first image close to the heading.
Thank you for sharing this information.

AussieJeff Premium
No problems, Michael!