How To Get More Comments On Your Blog And Earn Money

Last Update: August 10, 2019

If I could tell you how to get more comments on your blog and earn good money each month for doing so, what would you say? Wealthy Affiliate now pays you for posting comments on other poeople blogs that are original. Follow me below to find out how you can jump into the action to make $100's in commissions and get more comments to your blog too.

A Significant Upgrade Has Been Released!

The Sitecomments 2.0 comment platform at Wealthy Affiliate not only allows you to receive genuine comments to your website posts, it now boasts a fantastic incentive program where you can actually get paid for leaving comments.

This has always been a revolutionary way to post comments for a website and receive a comment back for your site.

Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate and found nowhere else online, the Sitecomments 2.0 update allows you to place unlimited comments and You'll get paid 50 cents for each comment given.

Are You Struggling To Get Blog Comments?

Like so many of us that run an Online Business, getting great comments to our blog sites have been a huge struggle.

Not only will you now be getting paid to leave comments for other peoples websites, you'll be receiving authentic comments back from real people!

This is a real WIN, WIN as comments on your website adds "Trust" and signals to people that our site is legitimate.

Comments are a great SEO component and Google absolutely loves them. Not only do comments add quality content to your post, they also raise questions, discussion, debates, customer reviews, are just a few ways that comments can improve your content.

Do you look at the comments when your'e visiting a website? Think about the last website where you were researching or browsing for something online. Did you scroll down to see what other people had to say about the content? I know that I certainly do. This is a trend that has been going on for years and is continuing to be an important element of the validity of your content. A blog post without comments seems "suspect" these days, and it's much less valid and trustworthy than a similar post with loads of comments and discussion. Do you agree?

Lucky Wealthy Affiliate Members!

If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, lucky you! You can enjoy the benefits of the new Sitecomments 2.0 Update. Being a lucky WA member myself and in the affiliate marketing arena for over 4 years now, I would suggest placing at least 3 unique comments on each NEW Post you produce.

This will add heaps of extra content to the post and gives you the chance to respond to questions, concerns, and other topics related to your post.

How To Get Comments To Your Website Posts The Easy Way

If you would like to receive an unlimitless supply of comments for your website posts and enjoy the benefits of making money on-the-side from giving out comments, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you!

Your first months membership is a 'Steal' at only $19 and considering you can earn 100's each month tha't not to shabby.

The premium membership does go up to $49 after that but it's still a SWEET Deal at that.

Here are some other benefits of becoming a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate!

  • Free Jaaxy Keyword and Website Ranking Tool. ($20 a month value)
  • Weekly Marketing and SEO Training Webinars.
  • 100,s of Training Videos How To Do Online Marketing.
  • 24/7 Help and Support with Quick Reponse Times
  • Live Chat Area To Ask Questions

Every tool to run a Successful Online Business is included with NO added charges or fees. If your'e thinking about starting an affiliate Marketing Business from scratch with a free website and hosting, I can help you with that too.

Not A Member Of Wealthy Affiliate Yet?

Help is here and you can find out the answers to all questions you may have about online marketing. Get help with your online business by over 1.4 million active members within Wealthy Affiliate with their 7-Day Free Trial that requires NO Credit Card Details to join.

Start promoting Wealthy Affiliate to earn your place to get an all expences paid trip to Las Vegas!

Does All This Sound Good? No Worries!

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain here. Wealthy Affiliate has a "No Worries" 7-Day Free Membership Trial that won't cost you a cent.

Come in and browse around and if you let me, I can even give you some help and guidance on how to get started.

Thanks for visiting, How To Get More Comments On Your Blog And Earn Money. I wish you every success for 2019 and beyond.

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Sunniest regards, Jeff.

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