How To Add The Meta Description Tag In WordPress For Blog Sites

Last Update: November 01, 2018

Add The Meta Decription Tag In WordPress

See how to add the Meta Decription Tag in WordPress for Blogging Sites that get indexed by all the big search engines. The Meta Tag Description for WordPress needs to be under 160 characters .The Meta Description Tag used to be 300 characters long but was reduced again because people were keyword stuffing.Whilst meta decription tags holds limited SEO value, they are never less an important element when it comes to your CLICK RATE.

What Is A Meta Description Example?

A good Meta Description Example should briefly describe what your post is about and also offer a solution to a problem. Explain how you can help them and by clicking here can change their lives for the better.

Adding a Meta Title Tag To WordPress

If you noticed the Title of my post that you clicked on in the listings where you were searching, this is called a Meta Title Tag. In the diagram above, the top decription with 62 characters is my Title Tag.

In WordPress blog sites, the Title Meta Tag is actually the heading for your post and is naturally presented to search engings as a H1 Meta tag.

I use the WordPress All In One Seo Plugin for my Meta Decriptions and Titles Box which is diplayed in the image above.

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suzzziq Premium
Hey Jeff:). I just went in and changed my meta descriptions in my posts and pages a few weeks ago, but Goigle hasn't recognized it yet. Do I need to do something else?:). By the way...thanks so much for sharing this!
AussieJeff Premium
You can fetch URL in the Google Search Console.
Melissa901 Premium
I keep hearing about meta tags and I have put it on my list of things I am yearning to learn about
Pernilla Premium
Thank you Jeff, for making me aware of that Google allows longer meta tags now.
AussieJeff Premium
My pleasure, Pernilla.
iJared Premium
MKearns Premium
Those are good ways to tag keywords Thank you Jeff!