How Is The Google Search Engine For A Website To Rank On?

Last Update: March 03, 2021

How is the Google Search Engine for a Website to rank on and what are the best SEO Methods that work best? Getting a good Google search engine rank for our website should make top priory for our online business to succeed. Follow me below to see how you can achieve better rankings with search engines.

Learning How To Get Your Website Listed With Google Search Engines

Getting your website listed in the Google Search Engines takes a little of practice and there are certain rules we must follow. Some techniques are more important to master than others but they must all combine together for the best SEO Results!

I remember the first time I started doing search engine optimisation to get my website listed in the Google Search Engines and the problems that arose in the beginning.

Now all this search engine SEO seems to be very straight forward but that was not what I thought at the time!

Many attributions must be carried forward to Wealthy Affiliate and its members for this platform has taught me everything I know about optimizing my websites for the Google listings.

Is The Google Search Engine For A Website The King?

The Google Search Engines is a great way to get lots of traffic flowing to your website and is the "King" of web algorithms that list websites on the Internet.

Other handy search algorithms such as Bing and Yahoo are also a good way to bring web-traffic onto our sites and they all work in a similar way.

I normally find that if your website posts are ranking highly in Google, then you will most likely rank well with Bing and Yahoo for the same keywords.

What Is A Search Engine And How Does It Work?

Search Engines use programs, often referred to as, spiders, crawlers, and bots that roam the internet. These programs are then used by search engines to build up an index of the web.

However, although all search engines provide tips and guidelines on how to improve your page ranking, the exact algorithms used is a closely guarded secret and are changed frequently to avoid misuse.

By following some well accepted search engine optimisation (SEO) Techniques, you can ensure that your website is highly indexed and remains solid in the rankings.

Some Handy SEO Tips To Learn

Below I have listed some SEO Tips to learn when writing a new post. Put these SEO Methods into practice and the search engines will love you for it.

  • Find a long tail keyword for your post title. (This is your H1 Header Tag)
  • Insert an image with your H1 placed in the alt tag
  • Use a H2 Header Tag directly under the image. (Must have same keywords as the H1)
  • Place a short description of what your post is about using the H3 Sub-Header Tag.
  • Insert Title Keywords into the H3 content near the beginning.
  • Use Title Keywords (H1) throughout your content at least 3 times. (1500 words)
  • Place your post keywords near the bottom of your post.

Say if the new post title keywords (H1) you have chosen is something like this; How Does The Google Search Engine Work?

This is what you'd place in your first image upon downloading, how-does-the-google-search-engine-work. Then you would place the same Title Keyword in your Alt Text as; How Does The Google Search Engine Work? The same rules apply if you are setting a featured image.

The H2 Header Title is now ready to be placed under your image and this should go something like this; How Does The Google Search Engine Work For A Website To Rank On?

Directly under your H2 Title Keywords you can now place your H3 Sub-Header Tag in. Sometimes Search Engines can use this a your meta description tag so some care must be taken when writing. A good example of H3 content would be as follows:

How does the Google Search Engine Work for a website to Rank in the SERP Listings? See how the Google search engines work to rank your website and the methods we use to achieve a good Google Ranking.

Note that I have my Post Title marked in bold lettering which is exactly how the Google Search Engines will show in their listings.

Inserting Your Keywords In The Post Content

It's always a great strategy to insert your chosen keywords throughout your post content. For a blog article that is 1500 words or longer (Minimum Size) the best ratio to use is wherever they make perfect sense within the sentence.

So for example, the keywords you are using for this post is your H1 Header Title which is; How Does The Google Search Engine Work? The keywords you can focus on inserting with the content are, Google, Search Engine, and Work.

Please don't force this as having your keywords presented in an unnatural way will get you "pinged" for keyword stuffing!

I always place my H1 Header Title at the bottom of my post in a closing statement which usually thanks my visitors for visiting my site.

The Google search engines often read your whole post if you have some BAIT for them to follow. By having your keywords sprinkled throughout your post in a rhythm that makes sense, you will keep our little robot friends happy and rank higher in the listings for your efforts.

Have any Questions You'd Like To Ask?

Do you have any questions on how the Google search engines work or where to place your Header Tags? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the commenting area below...

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Thanks for visiting, How Is The Google Search Engine For A Website To Rank On? I would like to wish you every success for 2021 and beyond.

Here's to your online business success, Jeff.

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Siobhann Premium

Thanks for this article :) If there are 100 articles indexed on Google for the key search words, you write your article and it gets indexed, how do you know where you sit within those 100 articles and how do you get indexed closer to the top of the 100?

JKulk1 Premium
Indexing is simply Google recognising that your article exists. Ranking is where you need to try and be near the top. The only ways to get ranked highly are through writing heaps of great content with good keywords, building trust and having good quality (legitimate) back links. It all takes time , if you stick to the training you will learn most of this. Jim
Siobhann Premium
Thanks Jim!
DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for these great suggestions...bookmarking for future reference.
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing. Great points.