Help For Beginners To Navigate A Online Business Start

Last Update: January 14, 2020

Real Help For Beginners To Navigate A Online Business Start Up

Wouldn't it be so nice if help was available for beginners to navigate an easy online business start up with a legit program that gives them a full tour of the system?

This beginner-friendly tour can include what the system is about, all the tools that are available to them, where to find everything on a platform dashboard and so on...

This would make a newbies' day and I'm sure this would put a smile on their dial a mile wide.

Other suggestions for a hassle free introduction to their new money making system is off course, the 10 free starter lessons on how to build a website...

But other areas where first starters may be treading in murky water and would like to see crystal clear clarifaction may be...

  • A Beginners guide to using the Jaaxy Keyword tool.
  • Full tour of the WA Platform.
  • An introduction to the live chat area.
  • An intro video of Kyle just saying "Hello" to first timers.
  • A 'Getting Started" intro to making money online.

Their newbie-friendly tour could be placed under a "let's take a tour" button with the different topics displayed in easy to see video sections.

With all the uncertainty and tight budgets people are operating on nowadays, it would be a welcoming change that they 'Know" Wealthy Affiliate truly does offer TRUE value over her competitors.

Hello WA Folks And Newbies A Like

It has been a while between drinks since I've posted at WA as I have been hard at work with my website.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the year ahead with building our online investments for the future?

Anyways, this was on my mind so I thought I would write this blog to see what the WA community thinks about this idea.

Leave me your thoughts below and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Happy Blogging, Jeff.

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brichnow21 Premium
Nice tips, Jeff!
If we get the referral in, WA has a wonderful WAy of making one want to see more!!
I was so excited, I grabbed it, and haven't let go, yet!
AussieJeff Premium
Nice to hear, Barb!
I did notice WA has a 'Tour' button in our profile section yesterday.
I have just noticed this feature and have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years +.
Maybe this feature could be placed on the main dashboard where it's more noticeable.
brichnow21 Premium
I just noticed that too, Jeff! I actually took the tour,
to see. Very thorough!!
Nice! We can use this, for sure!
Thanks, Jeff!
DMahen1 Premium
Good to hear from you!
Elaine33 Premium
Love this idea. Even though WA offers great training I still believe many feel overwhelmed (that includes me) by it all. Making improvements to systems is an ongoing process in successful companies like WA.
AussieJeff Premium
Thanks Elaine and great suggestion here.
megawinner Premium
Interesting idea. Great one!
drjec Premium
Seems like a pretty good idea. There could be a place in that tour about rules for posting and live chat.