The Blogging Loop.

Last Update: May 09, 2018

Goes on forever and ever!

There's one thing for certain and another thing for sure - if I am to make this blogging adventure work, I must work at it. There have been a few days when I did not log on and do any work. Then there are days when I log on with a few tasks in mind that I need to complete, but I find there's something different I need to do.

I will encourage anyone to log on as much as possible, because even if you think you just checked your website yesterday and you can't think of anything that you need to do, once you log on there will be something that grabs your attention. This is has been my story ever since I became a Premium member a few weeks ago.

Today I logged on to WA just to check my email. Instead, I clicked on the link to one of my first websites , and I thought, "Oh Goodness I forgot to change my theme to something less bland" (after I learned how to do this when I became a Premium member).

I appreciate anyone who has clicked on my site! I promise I will be reviewing themes so that I can change the theme to one that has a bit more appeal to match my domain name. While I have created a website, I am in the beginning stages of learning how to blog correctly, so my website keeps changing the more I learn.

It just so happens that I learned how to add more themes while reading through another members question asking just how this is to be done. Another WA member provided the answer.

I remember reading a question from a WA member asking if he or she should focus on just one website starting out. In my personal option, I believe that is a wonderful idea. It takes time and practice to "perfect" a website - and get it to the point where it is ready to be further modified!

Here at WA, blogging is proving itself to be its own entity! It is definitely a thriving, "living" thing that requires my time and my attention on a consistent basis. The more I give to it, the more it gives back to me in terms of satisfaction (and money one day soon!); and the more confident I become to continue on as an educated blogger.

When I am not logged on to WA, I admit that I envision this world of interaction and learning that is going on in cyberspace among WA members - without me! I think There's a WA party going on - what am I missing?

Does anyone else feel this longing to get back to WA when they are not logged in?

How does WA draw you in?

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mama0123 Premium
You are definitively right. Many times, I logged on WA with a plan in mind and finished by doing other tasks.
At the end it is the journey that matters most. You execute tasks that we think should be done, and we keep improving.

Have a wonderful and fun journey :)
celiacman Premium
You are a wise person and yes you need to make it a habit to logon to WA everyday, you will not find more motivation than on WA. Feeling blue that day, even a better reason to logon to WA and network with your fellow members.

There is so much you can do on WA you will never not have something you can do, there is more training here than you might even be able to absorb

CandiGirl71 Premium
That is true! I am always thinking about what I should/could be doing if I was logged on. I log on every day, first thing. I do all the blogs and posts, then I start on my business. Sometimes I think of a blog and take a side trip to do it, then I come back to where I was at and continue. Just a day or so ago I got the idea to check all my posted links on my content posts. Good thing, and frustrating thing, because I found one whole post had dead links! One more task to do ASAP, redo the links. There's always something, especially with more than one site to check on.

Mostly, I miss the interaction that is so evident between members. It is educational, supporting, encouraging and uplifting to read all the comments and questions. What a wonderful and unique environment we have access to every day!

Blessings to all,

Atta83gurl Premium
Thanks for the "Blessings to all"!

Yes with multiple websites, forget my title of this post as "The Blogging Loop"; it is more like, "The Spinning Head". Fun, but a little crazy!

Take Care!
VeronicasLuv Premium
There were many times when I felt as if I didn't have anything more to write for my site (which is a complete lie - there's always something more to write) so I would just log onto the Wealthy Affiliate platform just to get inspired.

Some days, Anilise, it seems that's all you can do, but it will be just what you needed.
Atta83gurl Premium
Yes! The inspiration comes from so many different angles here at WA. The people here are great.

bigrog44 Premium
Good question. I'll say the community draws you in.
Atta83gurl Premium
I agree. And there is not a shortage of help, inspiration, or sense-of-belonging. I am glad to be a part of it all!

Thank you!