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September 29, 2014
Yes, creative ways increase sales, and as you may know there are some people that can generate a great variety of excellent and powerful ideas almost from nothing, with so little effort. And there are some others that take a lifetime and all their brain to generate a good idea, but creativity it is just one element in the formula of success that goes like this: ( Creativity + inovation ) x perseverance = Success. But because without creativity there is no succes, today we´ll
Entrepreneurship is it in your blood? ,…., como on!! You are not going to believe that right?…. How in the world would somebody think that entrepreneurship has something to do with genetic inheritance, well not me, not even in my wildest dreams. Entrepreneurship is a way of living, is a process you can learn, is a bunch of tools and habits that you have to learn how to use them. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, you don´t need any genetic inheritance. The only requirement needed to be an
September 25, 2014
Finally !, here is my so awaited " Choosing a niche " blog !! Well then get to work! When you are choosing a niche make sure you like it and you know quite well about that niche, because you are going to live, wake up and go to bed with it, for the rest of your life until you decide to get rid of it, and address another niche. But, if it is the case that you want to tackle a new niche, that you don´t know a thing, and want to learn about it , it is perfectly fine, but you will have to in
September 24, 2014
Wy I am writing this blog you may be asking yourselves, well the reason is simple, I was thinking about my niche. I was wondering if my niche was appropiate, but I was thinking to much about the audience I was heading to, while I remebered a very important advice I was told here in WA "Don´t think too much" choose your niche, about something you like or you know. So I followed this advice and chose something I was interesting in. But I wanted to make sure anyway that this niche was a successfu
September 14, 2014
First of all I want to thak the whole community of WA for your support and ecouragement you have given me through your blogs. I have red some blogs of our peers Arp, Zouzou, Steveo5770, Kyle carson, and some others there are so many good blogs here that have given me encouragement and guidance to succed here in WA. I one thing I have learn from WA is to have patience and keep following the training to letter. Right now I ´m working on my nich and I´m keeping making keyword research, and tryi