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Last Update: March 04, 2018

So Deadline is over. I won't wait for Kyle's next mail to declare that. Time given was one month it was over yesterday.

Did I achieve the target?

No, I could not complete the targets set by Kyle and won't take any excuse.

I am an experienced project manage and I could have taken it as another project. But the problem is , for last few years I have been involved in crisis management Phase of the project so have become habitual of handling crisis only.

I let the things slip away and few days tried to catch up.

I could have Used WBS , work breakdown structure from the day 1, dividing the major activities like writing 12 posts into smaller structures and must have followed.

Was I short of time ?

I ran out of time though sufficient time was given.

One month for writing 12 posts was more than sufficient. I know soon time will come when Kyle may advise us to write may be 30 posts a month. It is just the beginning.

If I look back and analyze the last month, I had spent more time on finding the ideas. There were lots of distractions but I know, I have got some directions.

What I could not do?

  • I discussed wealthy affiliate with my friends and family members , but they do not seem to be convinced. I won't blame them. At this age with so much experiences , good or bad, people do not try to change their way of thinking. I will wait till I start generating some income from affiliate marketing to try and motivate them.
  • I could not spend time inside the wealthy affiliate , write one post every week and help people.
  • Could not complete 12 posts.

What I could achieve:

  • if not 12 posts, I have satisfaction of writing approximately 12000 words in the form of 10 posts.
  • Created a Logo.
  • Reorganized my website to some extent like removing my page title from posts and getting more flexibility in choosing SEO titles.
  • Dived deep into keyword research and played with JAAXY.

How do I rate my efforts:

I might not have completed some of the tasks but am confident that I am moving in right direction

Some of the Keywords are already under 50 and at least one under 20.

Traffic , Bounce rate and other things now do not distract me since I know if I keep on following the system, they are bound to improve.



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Timotheus Premium
Yes you are moving in the right direction. I too have not completed my tasks, especially the 12 posts. And I will catch up.

You, on the other hand, are doing great! You Are Super! :)
carolbinger Premium
You are doing well Arun, and you will do better as the challenges come.
npanaya02 Premium

Thank you for sharing your efforts. You accomplished a great deal and you should proud of that. Affiliate marketing, like most things in life, take time. Don't focus on your results, stay focused on your progress. Do what you can everyday and try to add a little more each day.

I wish you much success!

Take care,

arun2365 Premium
Thanks for your great advice Nicole
Karppa Premium
Not so bad at all Sabharwal. I didn't got the 12 post goal. I wrote 10 with 13000 words. The best thing is that every new post get ready faster. Finding new ideas for articles systematically is important and will make the whole writing process quicker. No worries. Step by step to better achievements. Success for your further work.
arun2365 Premium
Thanks, Karppaa, this first step in the right direction.Success will follow.