No Challenges , No Success

Last Update: March 22, 2018

No Challanges , No Success. Know Challanges, Know Success

December 10, 1914 there was a massive explosion in New Jeeresy, Newyork.

10 building owned by the greates inventor Thomas Edison were engulfed by fire. Fire department failed to control fire. Thomas Edison stood silently and calm as ever. His son was standing vesides him. Thomas askesd his son to call her mother and her friends else they will miss the chance to see the spectular fire like this.

Shocked Son asked his father, Havn't we lost all we build?

Yes all the mistakes we made are also burned down to ashes along with the factoiry.

Tomorrow we will starg afresh and not repeat the mistakes again.

At 67, Thomas had the courage to start all over again afresh.

This is what like does to us sometime. Oue Dreams are shattered, our hopes broken


Great people

Don't cry but try to rebuild their dreams.

Don't give up but live up to the challnges.

Don't go through but grow thorugh the difficulties.

They start all over again with great determination, great grit and great hopes.

That's why they reach highest peaks of success that other people can only aspire of.

That's why

No Challanges , No Success

Know Challanges, Know Success


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AlexEvans Premium
That is profound Arun, thank you for sharing your insights, I really appreciated reading your post.