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I knew you were different from the other children from the moment I first held you, even though we wouldn't get the diagnosis of autism before years later. That however didn’t stop me from loving you, in fact it made me love you more as I realised I would have to protect you from the world. It took you time to learn to show your affection towards me, but I always knew never the less how much you loved me, just like I loved you. The first years were full of nurturing, feeding and cleaning
I want to talk about love, the mothers kind, but I am not sure I will be able to, so bear with me. People have asked me: How can you talk about love when you have just lost your young son? Yes, my heart is broken in million pieces and every breath I take hurts so bad, but the whole relationship between a mother and her children is defined by love. Love starts when you first find out you are pregnant. It grows stronger through the scan pictures and the first kicks.You go through pains and discom
February 15, 2017
I would like to thank you for all the prayers said, energy and healings sent as well as all the good wishes during the 10 days my 13 year old son was in coma and the morning of his death, following weeks that we have had to deal with the funeral arrangements and the bottomless sorrow filling our hearts. We read them all aloud and their provided us great hope and comfort. For those who doubted my sincerity, wrote nasty messages on my profile, Facebook and privately I only have two things to say:
I know he's not as he responds to my touch. Please keep on praying, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep on protecting him.
There is brain activity, however weak, so there is hope. Brain swelling will eventually go down and it can start repairing itself. Had an easier night, but condition still critical. He is crasping to my hand and despite doctors saying it's only a reflex, I know he is holding my hand! Don't forget to keep us in your prayers and thoughts, we need them badly. Staying positive, he needs us.Sorry for not having the energy to answering to you guys, we do however read every prayer and well wish as it
January 19, 2017
Please pray to any God or the universe itself for my 13 year old son who is in coma since last night after suffering massive brain injury. Please respect our sorrow by not to as any unnessesary question.With love,ArtByHeartUpdate available here:
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January 09, 2017
This is an extremely important topic as again several virus and other warning hoaxes are floating around on WA and social media this week.I am an advocate against spreading hoaxes on social media and in fact wrote a training about this issue: are so many scams out there and you have certainly ethics against fooling people into joining them. So don't you think you should spend time to investigate if a virus orFacebook paedophile warning y