Day 1 and Day 2

Last Update: December 05, 2010

 Well today is my 2nd day here @ the WAU and I'm feeling a bit more comfortable. Day one was a kind of an adrenalin day to first get through the door here, and then to land inside and see how comprehensive all the offerings were. Honestly, I have to say that up to know my computer experience has not been that positive. I was introduced to them on one of my past jobs and never really thought much about it. Through the jobs after that and using computers on some of those jobs I became pretty proficient at surfing and emailing. Still, I wasn't impressed enough to actually buy one for myself. That changed a couple of months ago when I quit my offline job, and thought about doing something online. I got taken in by some of those scammy rags to riches, overnight cash cow schemes and decided to give it a try and bought my 1st computer.  I only wish that I had found this place first before venturing in and out of a few of those scammy offers, but I did up my skill level somewhat going through them, which is the positive I take away from that and also that I've got my own computer now. A process that only took about 20 years. You might say I 'look' before I 'leap' or in this case 'move'.  

Anyway, back to day 2. I familiarized myself a little bit more with the site and like quicksand see myself slowly sinking into the program. Actually, it's more like reverse quicksand. Instead of going in feet first and sinking until it's over my head, I'm actually doing it in reverse. Right now, everything is practically over my head, but as I learn and progress, see and do, build and build, I start to rise up. Until the day I earn my first $DOLLAR$.  I continue rising.  Hey look my first $100 DOLLARS$,  keep rising,  well that's the idea anyway.  Until I'm eventually standing on top of the quicksand looking over the landscape and feeling a wonderful sense of purpose and accomplishment.  And thinking to myself how it couldn't have been possible without all the help and encouragement from everyone here @ WAU from the top on down. So, with all that in mind, I pull myself back into the lesson plan for today constantly trying to stay on track and laying down the bricks.  To be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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