Questions by ArpL 9

Will the google autocomplete api shutdown affect jaaxy?
Google announced that they will be turning off their Autocomplete API…
5 years ago 5 Replies
Unable to send a message to carson due to error message?
When I try to send a message to Carson, I get a 'you recently sent a message…
7 years ago 39 Replies
Bing ads or google ads?
Anyone have a preference or do you use both? I'm referring to using them…
7 years ago 15 Replies
Any suggestions on using jaaxy for local keyword research?
Looking for ideas on using Jaaxy for local keyword research, besides just…
7 years ago 7 Replies
Why does a facebook ppc ad get rejected fast?
If a Fb ad gets rejected in less than a minute after submitting it, does…
7 years ago 11 Replies
Setting up facebook conversion tracking?
The code for the Fb conversion tracking pixel is NOT being accepted in…
7 years ago 5 Replies
When does a day here at wa start?
I'm currently limited to 1 post a day and last night (it's almost 10am…
7 years ago 6 Replies
How long does the cookie last?
When I send traffic here using my link, how long does the cookie last?
7 years ago 9 Replies
Customized affiliate sign up pages?
How does one get a customized affiliate signup page like
8 years ago 2 Replies