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I'm rather obsessed with them, so I wrote a blog post: This post was spurred by taking a gander at Google Webmaster Tools. I noticed that 'passive income ideas' was something that I kept appearing in SERPs for so I figured - hey, why not give the people what they want? Here's hoping it continues my upward trajectory in organic traffic :) Comments welcome, either here or on my site!
For the most part, I like Jetpack - if used judiciously. Most of the features specific to aren't all that (and, afaik, not kosher for our sites here if they make constant calls to And it did use to be buggy as hell, but that seems to be in the past. The features I use it for are getting Twitter feeds & Facebook Like boxes in widget (easier than any other plugin I've used), Omnisearch (so much easier to find my own content; not sure how this is w/ sites here
I'll be Premium for one month tomorrow and I can honestly say that just 4 weeks has made a crazy amount of difference. I'm sold on WA - and that includes being sold on all y'all! I've been focusing almost all of my training on my one listed site (Work At Home Rebel), which I launched in July). I say 'almost' because aspects of training are spilling over into my other businesses as well (like web development, a website class I'm teaching, etc). This is good, I dig the synergy! I want to share
September 11, 2014
Inspired by Jay's excellent training, I'm broadcasting a webinar next week on Local SEO to drum up some local business :)
It definitely pays to explore different permutations of a keyword when using Jaaxy for research. Today I stumbled on a good one, completely inadvertently: I'm usually following Kyle's guidelines of a QSR of 300 or less and estimated traffic of at least 50 so this is quite a lot better than usual! My recommendation: use much longer tail keywords (6-7 words+) and see what Jaaxy reveals. Who else has stumbled on a great keyword with Jaaxy?
But if you want to be excellent to one another, listen to Bill & Ted!
September 07, 2014
Today's blog post is my review of Jaaxy. I decided to 'demo' it and chanced upon a potential niche market inadvertently! Who else has done that? I also - finally - used the phrase 'Now how much would you pay' in my content :) Check the review out here:
Scam reviews are good for traffic but I really don't want to write one after another after another. This one is for the 'Freedom Fighters Network,' which is a code-name for 'a bagful of steaming poop.' I'm curious how traffic will be on this post because the post image is a cute creature - will report back on that. You can read the whole post here:
Goood morning folks! Just thought I'd do a quick recap of the last 3 weeks. The big thing for me is a steady increase in traffic to A lot of it is from here so I had to dig a little deeper to see how things were improving Google-wise. Google's Webmaster tools revealed that my content's appearance in search results (along with clickthroughs) has been steadily growing in the weeks since I've started using Jaaxy and Kyle's keyword training from the initial course. While