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Just wanted to give a quick update on the various online businesses that I'm working on at the moment: 1. Work At Home Rebel - I'm slowing down from daily blogging to 3-4x a week (due to the projects below) but still seeing slow & steady growth in site visits & appearances in searches. Two upcoming mini-projects for this site are 1) dipping my toes in PPC and 2) doing a webinar. Long term project is creating an ebook or ecourse. 2. Funny T Shirts Plus - Just adding shirts daily and sh
This is a follow-up to my 1 month progress report Caveat: I'm a little analytic obsessed and I don't recommend checking your stats every friggin' day like I do. So there. We talk about keyword research here a lot and I wanted to share some proof that it works. If you read my progress report, you saw a clear upward trend in my site visits. I've also been keeping track of how often my site appears in search queries, using Google Webmaster Tools. Even if you're not getting visits on your site,
This was a pleasant surprise this morning - my first WA 'paycheck' is coming on the 1st! That's the positive but I think based on the number of clicks that I've generated I should have had a couple more conversions. Gotta figure out what's working and what's not because I'm definitely not making it to Vegas. And a couple of days ago I got a commission from Jaaxy too - woot. I took a peek at my Webmaster report and the top search term I'm appearing for is related to 'keyword tool,' so that's a
In one of my blog posts about Jaaxy I did some example research on funny red shirt and saw that funny t shirts gets a lot of searches. So I'm trying out an affiliate site for (surprise) funny t shirts: I'm sharing automatically to Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr. I'm also trying to figure out how to automatically post to G+, Pinterest (manual so far) & Instagram (maybe possible with IFTTT). No plans to use PPC at all, I want to see what kind of organic traffic I
I was setting up a new website yesterday and this morning I saw the stats (in my WordPress dashboard) and saw some hits. Cool! Except - it was all me :P I had forgotten to keep myself from being tracked, so I went ahead and did it - and documented the process for y'all.Step 1: Find out your IP address Go to, see what your IP address is and write it down. It will be in the format and will be listed at the very top of the page. Step 2: Go to Google Analytics
Websites are so often organic developments. You start off with one idea, then add another and another. It eventually leads to what is your current website. I'm wondering what a visitor's impression is when they get to my site. Does 'Work At Home Rebel' make sense? What about the header graphic? To be clear, I'm looking for brutally honest feedback because I send a decent bit of traffic here and very few people sign up. It makes me think that my message isn't clear or that I'm attracting th
September 22, 2014
It takes me usually 1.5-2h to write a good blog post and with other projects in the works it's really unsustainable. I'm thinking I have to cut back on blogging for just one site so I can get another couple of projects going. I do need to find a sweet spot for blogging - what kind of scheduling do y'all do when juggling multiple projects?
September 21, 2014
Barely - and I've been slackin' this week too :) That brought a smile to me and reminded me of this: Have a good one, y'all!
In a nutshell, they are Advertising Affiliate Community Product Creator Subscription Did I miss any? You can read more on today's blog post:
I recently performed a traffic experiment with the express goal of seeing what would happen. Sounds like an experiment, right? :P A couple of weeks ago, there was a major leak of personal images from a number of celebrities (I'm not naming names, I'm sure everyone knows who was involved and there's no need to attract that traffic here). I busted out Jaaxy and did some keyword research. And I wrote a blog about cloud data security, adding keywords for a celebrity and pictures. One thing I did