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I reviewed their payment terms and it's great - for Skillshare and their deep-pocketed investors. Read my latest blog post to find out why:
November 18, 2014
This is following up my previous 'keyword research works' post. Check this out - *something* happened after October 17th to my web traffic: That nadir is 10/17, which was my last really long blog post (on choosing a membership plugin). Since then, my organic traffic from Google has been around 30 visits a day. FYI this shows *only* organic traffic, which is about 50% of my total traffic. In the same time frame, Webmaster Tools shows that my appearance in search queries has gone from around
I let my t shirt site be for a couple of weeks as I focussed on another business (the one I'm taking a break for). I took at peak at my stats yesterday and the t shirt site's visits are growing organically, now averaging around 15 a day! And I think the first two sales happened in the past 24 hours - $16! Not too shabby since the site's been up for maybe a couple of months :) *** CORRECTION *** Apparently I had other commissions I didn't know about, prior to yesterday - the total is $22!
October 16, 2014
I'm knee deep in one of my projects that I am shooting to launch by the end of November! It's a membership site and my next blog post on my site will be about which membership plugin I chose and why. Suffice to say that time is at a premium and I'll be checking in here sporadically. Nothing against anyone here, I'm just going to be crazy busy for awhile :)
One of my in-progress projects is going to launch by the end of November and I'm covering the bases by going over all the membership plugin options and choosing the best one for my needs. That means I'll be doing a buttload of membership plugin research and it will probably be my next blog post. Anyone have questions about membership plugins you want answered? I'll be happy to keep them in mind as I do my research & for my post.
First, thanks to everyone who offered kindness and support after reading my blog post yesterday. Thank you - you are why I love WA so much :) So after a day off and a good night's sleep I did an experiment this morning with two simple Fb PPC ads with a simple landing page. Here are the specifics for the first ad: Fb page connected to ad: Sunrise Pro Websites (my website business) Landing page: (note that there's hardly any text) Ad headline: Cho
October 03, 2014
Edit: It's more the scammers' faults than Fb's. If not for them, ads wouldn't be so scrutinized. &%%%^# YOU SCAMMERS. I can't get any ads to approve on Fb for Work At Home Rebel. I believe that they have decided that I fall into the 'work from home scam' field because I have 'work' and 'home' in my domain name. I have to come up with a new domain, maybe just my name or something. I'm irritated about this but the prospect of not being able to advertise on Fb is worse. MEH. Thankfully we
I recently learned about - a website that connects people with vintage clothing. It started in 2009 and will soon become a 2 person business with a more than full-time income. Read all about it on my blog:
Tomorrow at I'll be posting the first interview on my site. The subject is someone who started a niche affiliate website in 2009 and has a full-time income now! Can't wait to share it with y'all tomorrow!