It's Been 2 Years & 2 Months In WA. Finally Quit My Job. Yayyy!

Last Update: February 18, 2018

It's my pleasure to announce that I have been around here for 2 years and 2 months. Finally a day what I dream of has come true. YES, I quit my 9*5 job. I was working as an SEO Specialist for 1 and half year now. Yesterday I resigned and now became a full time blogger/marketing nerd.

Am not earning per day 100$ though but still now am making 3x of my monthly salary which is much enough to survive in India. All thanks to WA community members & of course to Kyle & Carson.

Hmm. Some of may thinking why it took so long. Ok Here is my story.

....When I was in my final semester I really worried of my career on what to choose. While browsing through Google I search for "how to make money online sitting at home"all the time. LOL, I know majority of them here also went through the same by typing similar keywords.

At last landed on doing online surveys, data entries, that ended up in failure. But I realized that there are so many people who makes 5 figures 6 figures or even 7 figures online. Therefore decided not to quit.

Again started searching online for genuine programs by putting several keywords again and again. From there I short-listed 5 programs which I find interesting to me. WA was one among them. Later I scanned whole 5 programs and decided to try WA.

Next, Money was bit problem for me to arrange since I was a student and my parents initially don't want me to give a try saying it will be SCAM!. It takes one week for me to convince them and collected the money for premium membership. But unfortunately by that time BLACKDEAL offer got closed and again I have to rush for rest of the money.

Atlast in first week of Dec 2015 my life changing day has started. Became a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate Community. I immediately enrolled into their course and start learning. Also, I was really overjoyed with the messages and welcome messages by all members. I FELT AM IN RIGHT PLACE WITH RIGHT PEOPLE.

Started my first blog in second week of Dec 2015. Hmm ? Did I see success? LOL I realized no free money out there at that time. That was just a beginning of my frustrating days since as a blogger first thing what we have to find is our interest and based on that we have to start writing.

Due to my poor writing skills I was forced to join myself for writing classes and it takes me one month to be on track. Thereafter I published 4 to 6 articles in a month and you know something ?

I didn't make anything say not even a single $ for the first 6 months. Hmm did I give up ? No way guys. I know my limitations. YES AM A SLOW LEARNER BUT I NEVER GIVE UP LIKE THAT.

Also, because of WA training I got my first job as junior SEO analyst and retired early as Senior SEO Specialist(Hope you know the reason why I stepped down).

I keep on crushing my blog by asking doubts, referring more tutorials here. If there are any tutorials missing then usually I ask questions or else I will explore Google for more.

Learned so many people's ups and downs. Got some valuable friends and connections. Later I saw one of my keyword comes to the front page of Google

Now I have 2 native English writers who posting behalf for me. And I edit my blog by adding my own SEO sauce to those blogs/affiliate sites. Right now My blogs, affiliate sites and my online store are performing well with the tips & tricks what I learned from here. Earning a consistent income of $150 approx per month from Adsense alone.

Here is a screenshot of one of my affiliate site making 100$ per month.

I know its not that much but still guys I made it. I know still many of them finding difficult to make their first paycheck or consistent income.

Am dedicating my small success to everyone here and I wanna say "Just dream it and make it possible". Its not easy to make a passive income online as you think. Either you have to work hard like me or else just think out of the box like Mark Zuckerberg did. Sorry to say I can't be like him or not everyone either. What's your opinion ?

This year goal which I set is to become a 6 figure earner. I know its not a pretty easy task but still as I said earlier "I NEVER GIVE UP". In between still a slow learner LOL

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a1jonuk Premium
Amazing Arjun, thanks so much for posting this link on my post, your story is inspiring and motivational and you deserve all the success in the world.

ArjunUllaz Premium
Thank you very much.
Loes Premium
I love your story, and go-getters will be successful!

I know, I had to ask my family to chime in, 3 months before my birthday, I asked them to sponsor me some birthday money in advance, instead of flowers, chocolate, and cards, to be able to grab the Black-Friday offer, and they did!
ArjunUllaz Premium
Good one Loes.
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Arjun, That´s a brilliant story, well done for persevering and making a success. Best Alan
ArjunUllaz Premium
Thanks Alan
jwlewis777 Premium
Awesome news and CONGRATS!!

Your story began very similar to mine and how I started here at WA, I can only hope my story will continue to be just like yours!

Good luck and best wishes!!!
ArjunUllaz Premium
Thanks, bro. 1 year I really struggled like anything. That's a long story. Had faced many circumstances. Even thought of quitting WA as well. But last 6 months am started seeing my sites taking off.

And of course, you can even make more than that of me if your dedication level is great. ALL THE BEST
Gerlinde Premium
Good job! Congrats! Very encouraging...
ArjunUllaz Premium
Great to hear that. Thank you very much.