It's All About Balance?!

Last Update: November 19, 2019

Lately, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and I was wondering why. So I sat down and made a list with everything I want to do in my day/week.

Here's just a part of this list:

  • Training (On WA or elsewhere)
  • Searching for new ideas
  • Writing posts
  • Editing posts, SEO, images, videos, and anything else a post needs before getting published
  • Promoting posts
  • Updating old posts
  • Updating my site
  • Checking out new features to use
  • Using social media (without getting distracted)
  • Checking out what's new in affiliate marketing
  • Keeping up with the latest trends in my niche

And of course:

  • Staying Healthy (eating well, working out)
  • Being there for my family
  • Being there for my friends
  • Having enough fun to make my life worth living
  • Making sure I won't burn out

I know that balance is everything, but how can I balance so many things? What do I compromise on? What don't I?

How do YOU keep balance in your life?

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Fleeky Premium
Uh... having a very similar list
and unforeseen
coming in between
Aussiemuso Premium
That list looks familiar. Did you pinch mine? 😁

I try to break it into chunk during the day. First I choose the best time to spend quality time with my family. Then I choose my music practise time (professional musician, a must do) and then I slot the research and writing into another chunk and so on.
It seems to take some of the feeling of being overwhelmed away.

An exciting life
Lily 😊
ariesight Premium
Well, we all have stolen Jay's. 😂
JeffreyBrown Premium

That's a great list. Sometimes balance is difficult to achieve, my mantra is sometimes, I further divide my lists to Wants and Needs. Further, if an an emergency arises, I put the biggest fires out first! Just my two cents!

mstewardit Premium
Balance is a very interesting concept. Try to downsize the list by saying what you want.

Break it down in to 3 sections Maybe:
What do I want for my Business?
What Do I want for My Family and Friends?
What do I want for me?

Put each of your items in one of the groups and then decide which you have to do now and which you just want to do.

Many of your website tasks will overlap each other.

Remember it does not all have to be done at once.

I hope this helps