Consistency is Everything! (TPD #2)

Last Update: May 29, 2019

Remember this time when you worked out 5 hours in one day and you lost 10 pounds?


Probably because it never happened. You need to work out consistently to lose weight.

And you need to work consistently to succeed. Writing 2 articles in one day and not doing anything else for the rest of a month won't help you succeed.

Consistency is everything!

So set time aside every day for your site and you'll succeed sooner than you think. I know it may not seem easy because, in the beginning, you won't see any results, but it's worth it. Success will come and it will stay...

Remember: This is not a sprint, it's a marathon!

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Thomashowar1 Premium
very good advice and a great reminder , sometime we lose our way and then something happens like you reminding us that we should take our time but don't take fr ever
ariesight Premium
I'm glad I can help. :)
FKelso Premium
I hear you...moving on
Bimby Premium
Consistency is the name of the game!

Thanks for the reminder.
ariesight Premium
You're welcome!
Lizbit77 Premium
Love this! It's so hard to create a habit of writing, especially after working all day & really not being in the mood, but being consistent with publishing is so worth it! Yay daily phone reminder saying "WRITE SOMETHING DAMMIT!"
ariesight Premium
That's a great reminder. I think I'm setting one, as well!