Boost Your Site Speed with Lazy Loading!

Last Update: September 17, 2019

I've seen a lot of people asking how to increase their website speed. And they're right to worry about this.

Site Speed is a Critical Factor for Search Engines

And do you know what can decrease your website speed A LOT?


First, you should worry about resizing. Now, between SiteContent and Kraken, we have this covered, so the next step is lazy loading. Lazy loading is exactly what the name implies. It loads the images, but lazily...

The plugin loads only the images that are visible above the fold, in the beginning. While the user scrolls down, it loads the rest of the images.

That has a HUGE benefit!

The user doesn't have to wait for 10, 20 or more images to load. They wait only for 1 or 2 and they get the site way faster.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket ( is a great plugin for lazy loading so test it out.

Oh, and so that I prove what I'm saying, I'll just deactivate the plugin from my site so I can show you what I'm talking about.

Without Lazy Loading

With Lazy Loading

See any difference?

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JonLake Premium
Just ran a test through Before uploading Lazy Load plugin my site was running like a snail at 27 secs!!
After uploading the plugin it went to 9.6 secs.

Great start. Now onto other plugins to get it faster.
ariesight Premium
That's great!
klchang Premium
Awesome, Jenny.
Thanks for sharing.
All the best to you.
ariesight Premium
Thank you. :)
Aussiemuso Premium
Huge difference. Thanks for the tips.

Lily 😊
ariesight Premium
You're welcome! :)
Feochadan Premium
Oooooooh! That made a huge difference on my site! Thank you!
ariesight Premium
I'm glad I could help!
Joes946 Premium
Great information!
ariesight Premium
You're welcome. :)