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I am so totally and completely in love with my life. There is no facet of my life that is not shiny. Because I did it. I joined WA and I believed with all my heart I was here for a reason. And so it goes!I cannot quite believe that I am already a part of this community for 6 months! Honestly, it brings tears of such a flow of gratitude and joy:for all the support and lovefor the knowing that YES WE CANfor the training that has taught this old blonde that her brain still worksand for being able
Here we are another day to just say thank you and send loads of hugs. As if we need an excuse here at WA yes? But well, just in case you did not know this.. I am going to say it right now.. so don't cover your ears.. but do please open your hearts..ready??WA ROCKS!But you know why WA rocks? Because of each of you. Yup, you!You answer questions, you support with caring words and you still find a way to state your own personal view. And this week I am now here for 6 months! How on earth did that
So you know how you are taking in so much information and your brain just goes, enough enough enough? And you think I can handle this. I will just plow through..Oh yeah. We know what that looks like. So if anyone has had a day like that.. not that we would really ever have a day like that. but just saying.. should that happen..this is what I learned. Ready?Turn on your favorite music really loud..and dance! It works. It re-calibrates our brains and our bodies. So it changes the energy and allow
I don't know about you, but I really want to explore this venue. I have to admit I am truly a bit intimidated. I mean its one thing to publish here where everyone is really super duper kind. But what happens in that really cold know, way out there? Where no one knows my name? (Do you feel my pain yet?)So while learning about autoresponders this week, I heard a most interesting tidbit of information. I am really excited about it. Want to know what it is? Well first off once we are r
Ready for another story? Ok here goes. Did you grab your coffee or tea yet? I can wait until you do.I will just groove to some music while I wait...Oh ok.. you are ready now.. So what happens when a group of strangers decide to make the world a better place? Well we call it Wealthy Affiliate... of course! But more of that in a minute.So go with me back to this past summer.. like most cities, during the summer we have free huge concerts on the weekend. On this one weekend a favorite group of mi
You can be honest. I can take it. If we are building a relationship here, are you willing to show me you are interested? I mean do not leave me hanging here,umm broken hearted. And not enough tissues.Ok, Drama queen over. But the point is not. Are we showing we care in our business?And does this apply to our business? Oh yes. Big time It can be the difference between having a hobby or a business. Are we building and growing our interconnection with our readers? I mean, are we sharing the love
So a frog walks into a bar..oops wrong story...let's try this one instead.One night there was a huge line waiting to get into a Broadway theater in New York City. They were getting impatient, and the weather was a bit chilly. But there was this one homeless man who was really disheveled and dirty that seemed to be bothering the people in line.He kept circling around the crowd and asking for handouts. People turned their eyes away. And some even told him to go away. In annoyance, one person dial
So, I think I have to admit that my old brain is getting younger! Yup! For sure. And want to know why? I am going to tell you anyway.. (oh, this woman never stops Because I am actually feeding it. Really! I mean every day there is amazing new information coming down the pike. And it somehow decides to take up residence in my head...My head sometimes goes, whoa, I think I need popcorn. And other times it is Yippee. I did it. I took that in. And those times are so exuberant and exh
The more I am doing this and of course the excellent mentoring I am blessed to be a part of...the clearer it gets. Ready for this? Complicated thinking gets us into trouble. OK. I hear you laughing. Easy to recognize yes? You know that feeling when it feels like we are taking a mud bath because nothing is clear? I know that feeling well. And I have now recognized it as, OK, take a step backward, take a breath and simplify. Break it down to its smallest parts and then go forward from there. And
Ok, so we have all heard the expression of a funnel. When I first heard it I thought it was so peculiar. I mean what do we mean by a funnel? And what do we funnel?And slowly it is starting to dawn on me what it means. Our sales funnel. Which in a way is very sweet like a funnel cake. But even better because, umm, there are no calories. But we do get incredible rewards: cash!I was reading the Book Crushing It by Edmund Loh, and he talks about really drilling down and knowing all the different