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This is going to be a quick one..Remember last week I said that my visitors had increased to 500 for a good part of a week?Yeah well, sit down to here this one..ready?It just went over 1.1k! YES IT DID!And you know why?I will tell you...grin..1. I am doing daily the 4 hour schedule.2. I am now doing every DAY Facebook.3. I am doing every day commenting liking sharing.And that is why traffic is coming to my site!BECAUSE AS WE ARE BEING TAUGHT, WE CAN GO GET THE TRAFFIC, WE DON'T HAVE TO WAIT F
Oh so for many of you that might not mean so much, but to me well it sent me over the moon!Because in the last month because of the first of Bo Tipton's fantabulous Trailblazers Go Getters group.. we are focusing on a really novel idea.Ready for this? Why wait for traffic to come to us, when we can go out and get traffic? Whoa..whaat?Yeah, so we are working on interaction with Facebook.And the process is:Like, Comment, Share. And then do it again, with people that you do not know. And each day
Did you see that fantastic post from Bo Tipton on March 1, Get Back Our Dream Day? Didn't that post just set your heart on fire?Thank you Bo, for all you do and for always inspiring us. And teaching us to be better giving,loving, people. Well for me, that post really got me thinking. ( it was probably his point,lol) It's time for a movement ,don't you think?Its a personal movement. A way to commit to ourselves. We change our lives one step at a time and in doing so we then change others, do you
Hello Amazing beloved community, OK, here is my come to the truth moment. And it isn't pretty but here is something I learned the hard way. Really big ouch.So did you know that...Our computers emit energy that can cause disturbances in our brains? And see I thought it was just you know, my blonde brain. But here is my new reality. For those of us living with neurological disturbances, seizure disorders, or anything like seizures, we can be at risk with the time we are spending intimately invol
So you already know where this story is going yes? But well, I am going to tell it anyway.I was talkng to a friend and somehow whatever I said made him start to laugh. I of course immediately said why are you laughing? And he said because I just got a picture of you as a little girl getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.I just giggled. He was so right I was trying to excuse something rather than owning up to it. Oh gee, How did he see that? UH OH!And it took me on to several differen
"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." Ralph Waldo EmersonYeah. That is exactly what I mean. Every day we get to start anew. To plant one lovely seed. Or more. To not listen to that voice inside our heads that says "no". To know that each step we take we are sprouting our own capacity for flight. To be so much better than yesterday. To truly step into our own goodness and power. We do know that, yes? So here we go: 1. What does our want look like today?2. What are we willing to d
"You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life" Steve JobsWhen I read this quote it started me thinking. How ma
I just finished reading this book called To the Grave on Empty by Josh Bowen. Sounds morbid yes? Nope just the opposite. It is about making sure that we use up all of our selves before we die. Doesn't that concept just fascinate you? I mean think about that. No regrets, so looking back, no feeling that something was missed. Truly a life well lived. And that puts us in first place, because no one would do what we do, yes?But what stops us from doing just that? Is it fear, or not believing in ou
It dawned on me the other day that I have learned something really valuable. And I actually thought I had known this forever. But the reality is, I wasn't living it.So wanna know what it is?Potential does not live in the small stuff. But potential does live in the important details. Hmmm, what does that mean?Don't sweat the small stuff! We have bigger oceans to swim.Well here comes a story.. OK...laugh, another one of those??? yup..So I am working on my first E book as a freebie for my email
I love to entertain. So I am not ever surprised when people just pop by. My small space has come together as a gentle beautiful refuge. And the tea pot is always on and popcorn ready to be popped.Of course, the welcome mat is always out and smiling. And well you have already figured out that this woman has no problem talking. So when people come to hang out, they stay for awhile. And it is always lovely. So I thought I had done the same for my website. A beautiful welcoming page, hopefully a s