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Since I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate, it has challenged my sense of what and how I see success. And so I wanted to share with you some ideas and affirmations that have helped me. And do share back, please.Let me know what you think, OK?In many ways to me success is how many people did I serve today, or who was I able to share a smile with, or what new connection of truly seeing another did I do today? And I have also known that my destiny lies in that space of helping and giving.But now
So today was gorgeous, full of sunshine and I just knew it was an adventure day. You know those kinds of days when staying inside is just not an option, yes?And since I have just started being able to drive again, I just can't let a beautiful day not be an adventure. Or even take for granted the joy of having a car. What gratitude!I like to get lost when I go on my adventure means there is always the challenge of determining my own skill sets and how to beat any type of trepidation and
I was thinking about how things are just moving so fast, yet making more sense as it also slows done. I know that sounds a bit confusing..but actually for me this month has been a clarity month. For instance persistence, clarity and consistency, have become my daily mantras, have they for you?Because in those words an empire of success is built. And we are so ready, yes?So even as we enter this phase of continuing to do our daily schedule and realizing this is what we have to do to make our bu
I cannot believe it is 7 months! And so much has happened. And each day there are more gifts that show itself. I know you get that, yes? We are so lucky to be part of a community that cares and responds.So first off to Kyle and Carson for their incredible vision and constant work to keep Wealthy Affiliate the BEST EVER training and learning community in the entire world. Thank you!That is my determination. And well, I am standing by it. Hands down, Best way to create a business ever.I don't thi
Lauren Jean HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Lauren was the very, very, very first person to welcome me to Wealthy Affiliate. And I was just so taken with her graciousness, and enthusiasm and willingness to guide me. She showed me what the Wealthy Affiliate community is really about. Caring and giving and amazing support! And she was and still is, so supportive of my writing.She is the one who has pushed me to keep writing, and indeed there is never a conversation where
Uh oh..another thought thing...Was wondering if everyone was at a place where we can actually say which direction we are choosing? Because today it hit me..that as often as we talk about it..It is really a daily choice..don't you think so? As I was doing my morning treadmill, two things happened. And I am not making it up. But it makes for a great story! So do chuckle..And do comment. And this could happen to you too!I am just walking, (OK well tread milling ) because it is 32 degrees out and r
So we all know the story of how pearls are formed in oysters. An irritant is actually deposited into the mollusk shell and then the other part of the shell emits a layer of protective coating in ways to protect the creature. Over time many layers of this coating are formed and harden on this irritant and eventually over a long period. Voila, a pearl is ready to be harvested. In my mother's generation, having pearls was a sign of status. And my father so adored the idea that these were formed
Do you really want to know what the words are?Shall I tell you?PERSISTANCE AND CONSISTENCY!Yesterday in another wonderful webinar we were taught the value of these two words. Because if we are not willing to be persistant, we have given up. If we are not wiling to be consistent, we have given up, or we are not fully committed. So which category do we fit in? When we are persistant and consistent this is what happens:1. We see our traffic grow exponentially2. When we do our schedule daily, we le
Today is International Women's Day...and as part of our pay it forward program, I wondered how many of us take the time to tell our Sheroes how much they mean to us?My friend Lauren just wrote a beautiful post about this topic that brought me to tears. And I was just awed by being included in her list. And so very grateful. She lives her heart every single second of her day.Because she certainly makes my list of beyond amazing Sheroes./ And the list of amazing
First off thanks for all the love for my special birthday .I really felt it! That is the greatest part of Wealthy knowing you are a part of something so much bigger. My mother used to say, my cup runneth over,...I so get that now!So I want to share a story with you that happened to me yesterday on my birthday. Ready?I am one of those people that if I am getting a present we are all getting a present and so i wanted to put together small favors for my family and friends that I was