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So I was walking down the street yesterday, and to my surprise this man stops me and says "you look so beautiful". And then, he just keeps going. And of course, I was so touched that he took the time to say something.It certainly made my moment, my day yes? I was truly so grateful. I felt lighter and could not contain the smile on my face. And it will be something that I will remember every time I see this person. He gave me such a simple gift. He saw me. So it got me thinking. Yup, here we g
Ok NO worries!Just like retail, when there is something that is going on in the world, or event like a major holiday or the Super Bowl...yup, our traffic changes. And as the weather for us in the northern hemisphere warms up, people will be ready to see the sun and not sit as long as the computer. But here is the good thing. If you traffic is changing, that also means you are probably getting a more specific and targeted audience. AND that is fabulous.After all we would rather have 100 people t
There is a line in one of Bob Marley's songs where he says :‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.None but ourselves can free our minds.’ And I often think of that quote. Does it resonate with you too? Because it is so up to us..yes? I think that we at Wealthy Affiliate have already made up our minds, yes? After all if we were slaves to our external expectations, perhaps we would not be here? So just a few things to think about over the weekend. before we shift into another wee
So I am entering my 7th month here at Wealthy Affiliate, and this morning I awakened to see that over 4 thousand of you amazing, fantabulous, successful, people have decided to be in my circle !!!!What??? Whoa!What words could I possibly use to thank you for your support? Have you any idea of how you have eached changed my life? From reading my posts, to just sending messages, to helping with questions, you are the light that starts my day off. I so look forward to that morning shot of Wealthy
So now that we are getting into truly building our email list. We need to use a capture page to "capture" that invaluable information. Which is Our readers email address and name. Yes?But also on that page needs to be the benefit. The benefit? Wow whatever does that mean? We have to give our capture page some love.Yeah, she says with a laugh..because if we do not list a benefit...why would our readers even consider giving us that prized information?Huh, so Let's talk about this. Benefit. What
Did you know that?Yup, YouTube is now the #2 Search engine after our Google god. Wow. That is a sea tide of change yes?So what do we do with it to help us grow our business? Well a friend of mine in our Trailblazers Go Getter's Group, Michelle Lake, started converting her blogs to Lumen 5 as small videos. And then brilliantly set up her own YouTube Channel. She then posted all her videos on her channel. (I am sure she will post more about how she made this happen soon. So look for it.) Isn't
March 25, 2018
Yesterday as I was perusing YouTube looking for my daily dose of what do I need to learn today...I found a few videos on a topic that I thought I had given some thought to...but perhaps not as fully .Simon Sinek wrote a book called Start with Why, Have you heard about it?There is also a TED talk. In it he talks about we always know our how and what...but rarely do we spend enough time formulating what our why is. Hmm...oh brain on overtime! Help...And he makes the point that Steve Jobs m
This morning as I had my weekly play date with my youngest grandgift, I was so delighted to hear her new words this week. And guess what they were? Yup, I love you! I swooped her up in my arms and we just giggled. And then we played that Universal game. I love you more. A million times around the sun and the moon. And she got it really quickly. I love YOU more, she said...oh my goodness! Where is that tissue when you need it?I have always adored playing this interchange, because it makes us al
So you know I went kicking and whining into using Facebook right? Well its kinda like the old saying we don't want to do what we need most? Yup.So here is my update on how much it truly works for our business. First off in the first couple of weeks I have built up a following of "friends" to almost double what it was when I left it several years ago. And my posts are being reposted loads of times. So that means backlinks, and places that our audience can really find us. That is really good, aft
You know how they say that insanity is doing the same thing the same way but expecting different results?Have you had days like that? Hmmm...I know we are not going to talk about it. It's all good.Yeah, so here is the challenge for our getting into this new season of Spring Equinox. It is the perfect metaphor isn't it for change? What seeds have we planted? What changes have we made?What do we need to do differently today that we did not do YESTERDAY?Some ideas:1. Always do the ENTIRE schedule