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Each time I think I have grasped the simple concept of our sales funnel I realized I have not. So I am writing this to help me learn it better. LOL Lucky you .. yet get to come along. Or not!Ready? Ok we know that we need to have a sales funnel yes? We know that sales funnels are products that start at the freebie or least expensive product and then go down to the most expensive product in our line, yes? Ok so far so good..whew!But did you know and i have not fully grasped this yet. .That we ac
Isn't this so amazing? Are these stats unbelievable? Can you imagine that the world has seen more video in 30 days than in 30 years????! Just in my time being here at Wealthy Affiliate.. the stats have already changed!So here we another space to consider stepping up our game.. !Video.. yup.. And its so easy to do right now.. with Lumen5 and other free software programs.. just turn a blog into a video..and VOILA! Instanly we have a higher rate of visiblity.Was anyone looking for that mag
So today I got an email...And it said..CONGRATULATIONS!Really ? What for? Oh no, not another time share email. Groan...NOPE! This was for real!Several months ago I had put out some posts about our beloved cannot do without Jaaxy. I mean in all honesty, I had these visions of large numbers of immediate referrals. But yeah, nothing happened. So I just moved on. And forgot about it. And then this email said Congratulations. You have a referral to Jaaxy!WOW! And it dawned on me.. yet another sign o
So today when i was making my bed, I realzied I was hurrying through the process.I did not do the perfect tuck in at the head of the bed. But hey, the millions of pillows cover that. Oh really? Did I really say that? Uh oh! My bad!How often do we do that ? Even in our business? Sweep it under the rug and think ahh well I can get away with that.. But then oh yeah.. Karma kicks in..and yup.. it smacks us in the face right?I am not talking about perfectionism.. I have given up on that.. LOLBut I a
So did you know this? Well Bo Tipton told us to watch a video about these new changes.And guess what we learned?You know how we always just click the LIKE button? Welp no longer!Nope, nope, nope..Facebook is on a new path.They want to become more:educationalinspirationalcommunity mindedand entertaining.So that means, we gotta show we are truly wanting to be interactive and connected.Instead of LIKE...we will get ranked higher using emojis! So use that heart or smiley face, or dragon fly, (LOL)
So you can giggle with me.. This actually happened to a friend. Just saying...LOLThe other day, she dropped a glass vase. It is glass. On a tile floor. Yup, you know what that means. Scattered everywhere.So she went to take out the vacuum. As she started the vacuum, dust fills the space. And she had just finished dusting. OK we can say it..oh so sad.So dust is everywhere. The glass is scattered across the floor. And she did not know whether to laugh or cry. Course she told me the story and I co
This was truly a team effort! So much support from all of you..and the knowing that we can do this! Please gather in for a huge group hug! I am so very grateful, to so many people, especially, Kyle, Carson,and Bo Tipton.What have I learned? That just like learning anything new.. it takes :1.PATIENCE2. PERSERVERANCE3. CONSISTENCY4 DETERMINATION5. VISION6. POSITIVE ATTITUDE7. LEARNING TO EARN AND WILLINGNESS8. BELIEVING THAT YES WE CAN9. THAT NO MATTER HOW OLD WE ARE, WE CAN STILL LEARN10. THA
I just read Vrtovic lastest post. And it was about an island. It started me thinking. What a fabulous metaphor.. .yeah i know, I am all about the metaphors.We are all our own island. And we have the capacity to feed and grow that space .To create a one of a kind island of amazing capacity for success and thriving.That is really powerful yes?I mean if my island can be likened to my choice of action, then I can live in a space that is beyond prosperous, gorgeous and vibrant. Yes? Uh huh!So let's
I was thinking about my journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. And trying to figure out what does it feel like to know that each step we are taking is making a huge difference in our lives?And it dawned on me..ready for this? It is the alchemy of transformation. Yup! We have become alchemists. We have the ability to take all these amazing opportunities here at our fingertips..and turn it into gold. So do you believe you can make this happen? I know you do, otherwise why would you be here? What does
IDid I get your attention? I mean it..don't you ever give up.. there is nothing you cannot accomplish..and it all starts with YOU.. knowing that you can and then living it.. Got it? So here is another story.. that made me think of all of us at Wealthy Affiliates...A man named Robin Cavendish, who in the middle of enormous vibrancy in his life, is stricken with polio. And not just the polio of not being able to walk. He lost his breath. Yup, the breath of life. Gone. So all of his body was paral