Conquering fears. Going further. A new beginning.

Last Update: September 11, 2015

Ok guys, Day 1.

Turns out to be a really good day for me. Actually it's a day I am fully assured I will be remembering, just because September 11th is the National and official festivity of Catalonia, my non-yet-recognized home country. I wanted to make it concrete and unforgetable, so I decided make it real today.

Aside from that, and running away from political topics (don't mean to offend any sensitivity, Spanish people), I'm delighted and excited to see this journey begins, knowing that, with persistence, motivation and taking action regularly, I'll can module my future income.

Can't wait to get started

See and meeting you all around!

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nathaniell Premium Plus
Great to have you here Arcadi, and I'm looking forward to working with you!
Arcadi Premium
Likewise Nathaniell!
electrobot Premium
You are absolutely correct. Consistent action will lead to success in any endeavor. Welcome. Start the lessons and ask questions if you need help.
Arcadi Premium
Appreciate your mentoring and help, electrorobot. Sure I will in case of doubt.