Investing In your best Product: Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: November 04, 2015

“investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”- Robin S. Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

It is said that our minds are the center for divine operation and that which exists in us is all capability. Within us is a powerful machine capable attracting the best in life, so it might be a good idea to invest in this machine.

Think about the many who have traveled this journey before you. The many who have accomplished their dreams. Those who have made the best out of limited resources and circumstances which were not always ideal. How did they overcome their obstacles?

Its simple! In one form or another they invested in them selves. They invested in their mind, self esteem, business and over all growth as individual. In other words they invested in to the best product of all...them selves. Most of the best investment venues require little or no money but we should all focus on investing in our selves on a regular basis.

Within this article we will be talking about you and how you are your best product of all. Why you should invest in yourself, ways you can invest in yourself and why its a good idea to do it.

Investing In Your Mind

In the mind is the most important investment of all. It is within your mind that you are going to find all the keys to a prosperous life. Here Within your mind you have the capability to reverse engineer every belief that limits your progression toward a higher plane. Your mind is a powerful computer in which you are going to upload the best possible software that will make you money, turn every obstacle into a stepping stone, attract good into your life and much much more.

The first example of mind investment is simply to seek learning and read more. We have all heard of the "rags to riches story". The successful entrepreneur who despite many obstacles was able rise above his mediocre status and become a business guru. These people were given the same circumstances, went to the same schools, and grew up average until one day they decide they wanted to be above average. They searched for information where ever they could get it. These people began reading books. They attended workshops.

They sought out the people with the knowledge and experience they wanted. They took the ideas of abundance, of success, the desirable mental software and put in place of their old self limiting mental software. Their belief of lack and "the born to be like everyone else" beliefs became obsolete like the wagon compared to the automobile. The old ways of doing things simply just wont get you as far as fast.

Another form of mind investment is to practice mind clearing techniques. Mind clearing is important because it allows you to take out the mental trash so to speak and in return making space for more desirable belief systems. Again this investment into your mind requires no money if you don't want to. It only requires time and energy to simply detox your mind. How do people do this? There are many which might suite you but all would be beneficial.

One of the most popular ways to clear the mind is to engage in some form of meditation practice. You can meditate while walking, while sitting in a chair, during exercise or before you go to sleep at night. Your goal within this meditation is to disengage with the many distractions of daily life and allow time to reflect on the internal. Let your thoughts flow free at first but then eventually to focus on desired thoughts, desired outcomes and to visualize your life as you would rather it be. There are plenty of ways to do this. If you are not familiar with meditation and its benefits there is an abundance of tutorials with info on the internet. Again, this is important because we are confronted by a surplus of negative and limiting thoughts on a daily basis and we simply invested some time into clearing our minds our direction toward prosperity would only be that much clearer everyday.

Investing In Your Body and Surroundings

Your outer experience and even your appearance is good indication of your internal process. How do you feel after you take a shower in the morning, brush your teeth and dress your self in some nice clean clothes. We feel presentable, ready to cease the day, meet the people we have to meet and over all that we care about our selves. Think about the feeling after you leave the gym, the feel of your body strong and healthy. These are among the most valuable investments into your body which in some cases requires some financial investment but will have an even more valuable effect on your journey to success.

Your appearance and work space says something of our internal state. We all want the best out of life and when observing those who were able to attain higher milestones in life, we see that their appearance and work space reflects something of their mental process. They have a sense of quality and clarity. Their clothes reflect something of quality and self worth. They wear nice and presentable clothing because they believe in quality. Steve Jobs had his factory walls painted white to promote focus and clarity. This mentality has reflected in Steve Jobs level of output and quality in his work. People with this mentality keep their work environments clear from distraction and mess. Take the time to invest your appearance and your environment. You will find that you can think clearer and feel clearer and focused.

Exercise and healthy diet helps us to feel energized and confident. Robin Sharma, an accomplished achievement specialist, teaches CEO's and professionals around the world the importance of fitness telling them that, "When you transform your fitness, you'll transform your business". He says you should start your day with a routine exercise. Exercise releases natural endorphins into the body leaving you feeling confident and powerful. This is a powerful tool in your success development.

In addition to exercise your diet will do multitudes for your energy levels and over mental performance. If you had a choice to change the way your bodily machinery performed wouldn't you invest in the right ingredients to improve it overall. Why not eat high energy foods with pure ingredients so that your food doesn't leave you feeling malnourished and lazy. Eventually you will find that this reverse in intake from junk to high quality food will allow you to operate at peak performance.

The body and mind are amazingly complex machines. As we take the time to learn about about this machinery that we all posses it will work for us and not against us. Learn how your machinery operates, what it likes and how to surround it with quality and value. You will find that we are a product of our environment. The things we learn, the food we eat, our environment along with quality of people we associate with is reflective of where we are going in life. Take the time to choose quality in all aspects of life. Invest in you because your are your best asset by far.

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hi Adrian very interesting concepts you have raised , enjoyed reading . Some very good advice to help us take our lives forward .
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Well said.