Happiness is the way: My experience within Wealthy Affiliate.

Last Update: November 02, 2015

As i sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe and enjoy the encouraging view of success taking place on my WA Affiliate activity feed, i could not help but to reflect on why it is so important to move toward a "non-job" life style.

The simple fact that i am able to do something that is authentic to me and expanding my creativity is where and when i get the most fulfillment lately. There is a famous quote that reads "There is no way to happiness but happiness is the way", which is essentially my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is eventually an extra stream of income via Affiliate marketing, but im not thinking about that constantly. I am enjoying the process and being thankful for the opportunities and the journey.

As write this post and learn new things from all who came before me on this journey toward a better life style, i get a sense of fulfillment and freedom. A feeling that says, "I am choosing where my life goes and not the corporate world". A feeling of relief because i am able to expand every day and my creativity is not limited to mundane tasks.

Wealthy Affiliate is what i like to think of as a "non-job" community because we seek to expand on our personal boundaries and fulfill our max potential which is something we could not always find within the confines of 9 to 5 jobs. It is clearer to me now why so many people are fully happy and fulfilled with the 9 to 5 job life. People are not happy because they are not allowed to expand and the limitations are many with a job. Not to discredit any one with a job but i don't we should limit our selves to only the "job". Our DNA is telling us learn, grow, prosper, and to enjoy the journey.

We are meant for more and our inner self knows that. Any entity meant to be magnificent and vast would not feel alive if it was limited. The limitation would then lead to un-happiness in our case if we were to remain limited for ever. I am going to expand more on this subject on my prosperity blog. Thank you WA for the opportunity and thank you to each of you who decided to join this awesome community. - Adrian Primeaux

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KianaC Premium
Thanks for the follow Adrian. I hope we get a chance to network in the near future. Love your Blog on Happiness is the way. Have a great evening :-)
APrimeaux Premium
I appreciate you stopping by and dropping me a line Kiana. Yes looking forward to networking and learning from everyone here. Definitely catch you around here soon:)
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Adrian
Thank you for sharing your insights , true WA is a very good place to learn new things .
APrimeaux Premium
Definitely a significant learning curve but enjoying the process. How do you stay inspired Alex? What activities in your day have the best return on your investment as far as your online business?