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Last Update: December 05, 2019

There are no pretty pictures just stating some facts with some losers within this community some who should know better seeing they have been here for a few years.

However, some will apply for future whingers so take note of what is stated below

For my friends within this awesome community just my rant many will understand the issues we face at times.

There are many live events that you need to take responsibility for and WA is no different.

Over the years, I have seen some members complain about being charged without their permission.

Sadly, I have seen the same again blaming everyone especially Kyle or Carson or WA itself that they have taken their money without their say so.

In light terms, I say B.S what a load of crap you are stating.

YOU and I repeat YOU are responsible for your financial actions here in WA and in fact when you became a premium member you set up the payment system for your account to be debited be in on a monthly, half yearly or yearly basis.

You are told when you next payment is due and it is up to you to note this.

It is not my responsibility, not the other members of this awesome community, nor site support and especially not Kyle or Carson but your responsibility to know when you next billing date is just like any other billing you have outside of WA.

When you pay your gas or electricity bill you are told when it is due for payment if you set up a direct debit you already know when it will be deducted from your account

Same with WA you set up how you want your payment to be debited from PayPal, credit account or whatever and you are given the due date of when it will be deducted.

Lately I have seen a few members asking for a refund because they were charged some even whinge that did not give permission to do so.

CRAP is my answer.

As I stated above when you joined and set up your payment to are told when the next payment so don’t give the excuse that you were charged without your say so or knowledge that you will be charge.

Take for example some members who have been here for a few years now that want a refund.

Did you complain about being charged every month if you went monthly over the last few years? NO

Did you complain about being charged every six months or yearly over the past few years you have been here NO.

As a premium member, you also receive many other features for your website that you would have to pay extra to have them mostly likely on a month basis on top of what you would be paying for elsewhere

And much more

So why are you complaining now and asking for refunds?

I will tell you why

You failed at taking the most positive steps towards success online with all the training available to you.

You most likely skipped lessons,

You most likely ticked the completed tasks to move on to the next lessons

You did not complete the task ask of you because you want to take shortcuts.

Then you wonder why your website is not working or why are you not making any money or not being ranked with the search engines as you expected.

You ask basic questions that are already covered in the lessons which shows me you are not following the lessons and for some not completed the lessons in order given as some question asked are not coved with the stage you are at yet you continue to ask these question and more. Again showing you are skipping tasks and lessons when you should be following each lesson in order given and properly and truly completing the tasks before you.

I have looked at some profiles when some are asking questions that are covered in the lessons yet they profile shows that they have not even started anything some even complain how can I earn money with my website.

I will tell you how. Go the lessons and training given to you properly stop being lazy.

Don’t get me wrong, question are find if you need some clarity or may get a bit confused as there is a lot to take in . However, this is mainly for those who have been here for months and every years and still ask questions they should have know already if they did the lessons and later after a few years want a refund because they got charged without their say so.

No wonder you are failing in being successful online and perhaps offline as well.

Sure Affiliate marketing may not be for everyone, you do need to put in the hard work, especially at the start to build that solid foundation Kyle and Carson, and in fact, many members are saying.

Once you build that solid foundation, you maintain it by creating more content and enhancing some old posts that need re doing. think of this as maintenance for your business

You need to establish yourself as an authorise website owner focused on giving what your visitors want not how much you believe you are going to get.

Yet you choose to ignore the great minds who are here to help you along the way and think you can get this done within a week or so and expect to earn heaps of money along the way.

Please put your hands above the table for a change and actually do the work given to you. Stop making excuses and blaming the system and others for your failures and now you want a Refund?

Quit if you want but know the right way to do it.

This applies to others as well

You click your profile image top left, go to account settings, there you will find the billing features that give you all your invoices which, but the way you are also responsible for as far as taxes are concerned depending on your country and states laws.

In the second part is the membership details here you will find when your next payment is due and how much and in the third part what your payment arrangement setting are when you joined.

This third part will show you your settings and given details of how you are to be debited from.

Remember you gave WA this information not the other way around.

They are all there for you and you have no excuses for not knowing when it is due or what the amount is.

Again, in you want out of WA for whatever reason, that is your business but if you want to cancel your membership then do so before the due date just like you would with any other organisation you may a paying member of or have an account with a group or organisation where you set up a direct debit for.

There is no reason to bitch, complain or whinge about all the facts are already given to you and as I stated above

YOU are responsible for your financial actions and situation.

Although I would love to add more to tell you where to go but your accounts setting is enough for now.

Just get on with your life and do the right thing I can tell you where to go and that is your account setting and know the facts.

For other reading this who may be thinking of asking for refunds or complaining that have been debits you now know where to go and look in the account setting.

By the way here is a training of how to cancel your membership so there is no excuse to say you don’t know what to do.

For others here are the terms and conditions in full

Take particular note of section 4

4. Wealthy Affiliate Products and Fees

I will not show it here you can look for it yourself for a change.

Wishing you well and hope you get a life.

Take full responsibility for your financial and other actions in life and not blame others for your laziness or failures.

I fact, I hope you actually get a life and become successful within yourself at all levels.


No apologies will be given if you’re feeling got hurt.

End of rant for now

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johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Apache, I love this. You nailed it, brother. If I am not achieving the success I want, then it is my fault, not Kyle or Carson or WA. It is me and that is the bottom line.
Thank you for being honest about what you said. Sometimes the truth stings. Maybe some of us need to be stung.
Thanks, johnny.
apache1 Premium
Hopefully some need to be stung a few times to get it through their thick skulls.LOL
JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent post, Andre! No one fails here at WA because of the expert products! They fail because they believe it is a Get rick quick scheme and that they don't have to do any work! I'm so glad you wrote this post--some of the past posts about wanting a refund, or why doesn't WA stop billing me? were getting on my last nerve too!

apache1 Premium
Thank you Jeff you are always appreciated with your comment and support. That is one major issue some have with this bogus idea they will get rich quickly only to fail or get ripped elsewhere but are too lazy to put in the effort to make it work. And it does work here in WA
accad Premium
Refund? This is applicable to items not meeting what is expected and agreed upon.
apache1 Premium
if it is a faulty product or one that is not giving what is paid for. IN both cases it doesn't apply here you are giving more than what you paid for and the only faulty item is the person responsible that is the individual themselves.
accad Premium
Maybe that person has faulty eyes, lol.
apache1 Premium
perhaps lazy eyes LOL
DarrenNicola Premium
Well said.
All the best
Darren :)
apache1 Premium
Thanks you too Darren
davehayes Premium
Wow.. That's a rant and a half and sadly not just limited to WA either but absolutely every business owner or so called business owner not keeping an eye on the basics and is spread across the net.

Enjoyed reading it
apache1 Premium
Thanks Dave and yes you are correct it doesn't relate just to WA if we can get the basic right then there will be many issues ahead regardless not only for a business but life as well.
Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend ahead,

davehayes Premium
You Too Andre
apache1 Premium