Worst Day Ever You Sure?

Last Update: May 06, 2019

Hi All

I wanted to share something with you that by adjusting your thoughts and feelings, which may help, improve your attitude to events occurring to you and to move forward in all you do.

Regardless of what it is, it could be a personal issue or something here in Wealthy Affiliate that has caused you to question certain things you are facing.

One, that can challenge your thoughts and feelings on how you are going or not.

Although I mentioned personal issues, I wanted to focus mainly on your presence here in WA however the same action in other areas of your life, which you can apply to help yourself to be in a better frame of mind going forward.

Help Yourself

Now you may have noticed that I underlined and bolded the words, “Help Yourself”.

Think about this carefully and deeply because this is about you.

“How people treat you is their Karma, how you react is yours”: Dr. Wayne Dyer

It is not about your partner, not about your friend or friends or even a group of people or whatever relationship you have in life. It is solely about you and you only.

You are the only one that walks in your shoes this is your journey in life and only YOU can complete the journey you have taken.

Others are there to help you along the way may even walk parallel with you but at some point along your journey you and you alone need to take that extra step forward on your own.

Just like a child is there with a parent during their growth then at some point in time they will leave and take their part in their journey in life.

You may still be with them at certain points in time but they too will need to go it alone at one stage in life.

Your Online Journey

Now we know how great the training is here in Wealthy Affiliate, we know all the many benefits we get as a Starter or Premium member

We get to learn how to build a solid foundation to our website that can and will propel us further forward than we may not have dreamed when we started.

Many have not only achieved success online but have gone beyond their original expectation from when they started.

One just needs to look at all the Super Affiliates that just came back from their (all- expense paid) trip to the Las Vegas Conference with Kyle and Carson.

Some got close to achieving their target so they will work at it again and succeed this time. Some are getting there while others may feel this is not going to happen at all for them.

Perhaps the difference between those that have succeeded or just miss the mark this year have a different perception to their thoughts, feelings and very importantly their attitude with what they want to achieve in life.

They made goals on what they want and are prepared to do what is necessary to achieve their goals in life. They also have a different mindset compared to others.

Yes, you may need to make some sacrifices in your current life at the start

That may mean take less time watching TV or perhaps cutting down going out just for the sake of having a drink with some friends.

You might find the same friends and even relatives who are telling you this is a waste of time come and spend more time with us partying and drinking blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

On the flipside, there are those who are always coming across with some reason or more likely an excuse why they are not getting what or where they want to go.

We have seen many times here be it in Live Chat, in a question or post by some mostly Newbies that either are not certain if this will work or for some who have been here a bit longer still feel that this isn’t working because they are not making money to what they expected at the start.

Many will come up with reasons (in reality they are really excuses said differently)

Some are:

This is a scam; they are just taking money from me without permission.

This is too hard to do

I will never be that successful

I do not have enough time in the day

I am broke and can’t afford this

The list goes on and on

We know that to be truly successful online it takes work and effort and in the beginning, that means a lot of work and a lot of effort if you want to go forward and become a successful marketer online.

Remember you are building a solid foundation to your website that will stand the weather and other factors online providing you apply what you have learned.

However, having said that one can easily spend a lot of time and effort doing the work for a website but it is still missing something when it comes to success.


Regardless of what action you take in life your attitude will determine if you are having the worse day ever or making it the best day

You can whinge, whine, complain, get angry or even try to make others feel sorry for you on how tough life is but remember life is as tough as you make it regardless of the circumstances before you.

You have a choice remember it is your journey, your shoes no one else’s.

How you perceive life depends on the current attitude you have if you continue to feel and think negative then do not complain when negative things come to you repeatedly.

When you start to change your attitude and actually really got off your backside and apply all you need to succeed then positive events and things will be at your door.

This will also influence your personal journey in all you do.

This also includes what you do here in Wealthy Affiliate you originally came here to learn how to earn but along the way, you come to be associated with the best fellow members you could even want. All are here to help and support you and as you learn to Pay It Forward, you will do the same.

So take advantage of the many training here, the lessons from other members, Jays videos and advice other have to share.

Just know that they too have been where you are and some will need your support as you go forward because they will be where you once were.

By believing in yourself and in all, you do and taking action with a great mindset with your positive attitude, you will go forward in life.

Yes, there will be frustrations and many will have the feeling of the worse day ever I know I have experienced many and I know some who have had the same.

Regardless of the frustration keep going forward, believe in yourself and never give up on your goals regardless if they are here in WA, or in your personal life.

The thing to remember is what issues come before you are only challenges for you to take action on rather than stop and think this can’t be done, but rather work around it or blast through it.

Message for you

Perhaps you have seen this before if so great re-read it and absorb what it states.

For those who have not seen this do the same

When you do follow the instructions “Absorb what is” not what you seem to think

For those who have not seen this do the same

Regardless of the action you take after reading this it can and will have an impact whether you apply this or not which will also determine if you are having the worst day ever.

Before I share the words below one last quote from Wayne Dyer that certainly will relate to this

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at will change” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Regardless if you have seen this before or for the first time, it can and will still have an impact whether you applied this of not.

When you do follow the instructions “Absorb what is” not what you seem to think

Today was the absolute worst day ever

And don't try to convince me that

There's something good in every day

Because, when you take a closer look,

This world is a pretty evil place.

Even if

Some goodness does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don't last.

And it's not true that

It's all in the mind and heart


True happiness can be attained

Only if one's surroundings are good

It's not true that good exists

I'm sure you can agree that

The reality


My attitude

It's all beyond my control

And you'll never in a million years hear me say

Today was a very good day

Is this how you feel in life right now?

If it is, then read this from the bottom to the top.

Now you can see "What Is" and apply that instead

Remember: The Journey does begin with YOU.

In Love and LIght



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sminman7 Premium
Hi Andre,
Great post, Great message! You and Dr Dyer are right: Attitude makes all the difference! Keep up the great work!
Michael Inman
apache1 Premium
Thank you Michael yes Wayne Dyer has given us so much more to think about towards living the right way in life.

Have a great week ahead.

Twack Premium
Really excellent piece,thank you. I think I heard Dr.Wayne Dyer on the "Secret" many years ago. Love the ending. Everything you say , well, it resonates.Thank you
apache1 Premium
Thank you Twack and I guess after reading your profile much of it fits in at the right time as well.

Thank you also for the follow have replied back to that too.

Enjoy the rest of your week
Twack Premium
Thank you for that,much appreciated.Be well.
apache1 Premium
Most welcome

Barney44 Premium
Great post.

apache1 Premium
Thanks Barry much appreciated

Enjoy the rest of your day and week ahead

LouiseBT Premium
Love this post, Andre - so much truth - a good reality check for some who need it today.
apache1 Premium
Thank you Louise I love those words of truth when you turned it around and yes it becomes a reality check for many.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

SnazzyIT Premium
100% absolute truth Andre, and I couldn't have said it any better. You are one of my many "mentors" and I love your positive but authoritative way of handling situations. I appreciate your hovering and at times I sense your nurturing of new members like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are in WA.
apache1 Premium
llaisaane Thank you so much for those kind and wonderful words.
It certainly means a lot today has been a wonderful and humbling experience for me from those who share the light as well.
I appreciated the support you give back to me as well very much noticed.

Just be your awesome self proud of you the way you are going forward..

Sending many blessings

PowerInMe Premium
I agree with your outlook Andre. Thank you for always being so encouraging! My motto is "Please encourage someone else today".
All the best to you Andre!

SnazzyIT Premium
apache1 Premium
Oh Vanna thank you for that and so happy to hear from you.

I know you are around and need to do what you need to do but also great to hear from you at the same time.

Keep going forward you know we are here whenever you need.

Many blessings and wishing you a powerful and amazing weekend