The Best Mentor to Have is You

Last Update: March 27, 2021

We, like Wealthy Affiliate members, are more than fortunate to not only have Kyle and Carson helping us along the way with the training and many resources we received.

Apart from joining WA directly under Kyle or Carson for many, not all when we signed up here in we became a referral to a particular person we call a mentor.

Many great mentors give great value, and some members whose so-called mentor mentally does diddly squat in helping their referrals other than collecting their recurring commission.

I had this issue with my original mentor, who I signed up for one of their funnels that brought me to WA.

For that, I am grateful I found WA, but he was never a mentor; any questions I asked him either via his profile or PM, he never responded, or when he did, which was rare, would state ask the question to the community.

There was always some reason he was unavailable to respond because of this or that. I am not talking about one or two days but for weeks of not getting any response even though I would write back asking for help.

Yet, he had no problems collecting my recurring commission he was getting along the way.

I got a commission and spammed me to my emails to sign up for other opportunities, even MOBE, which many know how deceitful they were.

Remember, I was just about to give up learning how to earn online after being scammed and ripped off from other scams, and he was starting to sound exactly like the rest of the rip-off artists.

At least WA was the only thing that he gave to me that was on use and benefit to be part of.

Fortunately, he is not here; he left about 5-6 months of me being here, so now officially, Kyle or Carson are my current mentors, which I am more than happy to have.

To think if he stayed, how much would he have earned just from me being here for 7 years—his loss my gain.


Learn from your mistakes

When we come here to Wealthy Affiliate, we are given the lessons in a particular order and tasks to complete at the end of each lesson.

They are there to help you go further forward and are not there just to tick a box to move on to the next lesson.

I made that mistake when I first started believing I don’t need this or that bit, or I felt I know this as it makes common sense, so there is no need to go through that.

So I would tick the box and go to the next lessons and levels along the way with the same negative mindset and rinse and repeat why I felt I didn’t need it.

So make sure you actually complete each lesson and task given and stop skipping them.

You only need to look at some of the questions and know straight away they haven't gone through the lesson as the answers are already covered.

But are true fellow members we continue to help and support regardless of the question asked.

Wow, what a big mistake that was.

For a long time, perhaps a couple of years (yes, that is how bad it got), I struggled to build my website and couldn’t figure out why it was not working as per the training.

I felt let down from not having my original mentor and procrastinate and stopped and started building my site. In fact, I created two websites in my first year, which add more issues due to me not taking proper action as I should have.

Lessons learned

So, after all the setbacks, along with some personal issues which didn’t help, I finally started to read more from others, many of whom I still and always will follow.

At the moment, they are not in the so–called Ambassador ranking but were Ambassadors many years ago.

But I have always stated that we are all ambassadors regardless of the number that may be showing next to our name.

It didn’t dawn on me at the time that my failure was not from having a mentor, but it was some of the tasks I didn’t complete or, for some, parts of the training I half completed.

Like many who come here, I just wanted to get that website up and running and make money online.

At the time, I didn’t care about the readers writing for them, and I realize I was writing more for the search engines instead.

I am still going through some life issues and have many stop-starts with my websites that stalled me from doing better than I could.

I had many referrals; some were starter members who did nothing, some became premium which gave me an added boost; some went yearly, which was even better.

Unfortunately, despite what help I gave them as their mentor when they asked or if I felt they seemed to be struggle judging by their questions, I would like a proper mentor to take time to work with them.

That was great, and they were thankful; unfortunately, many didn’t want to put in the right effort and quit after a few months here; the longest referrals I had were yearly members.

However, again as they saw, making money online took longer than they anticipated; even though they know it takes time, they still went ahead and gave up.

Yes, I know this will happen to many you will receive the same as I did; some don’t’ do anything; some join then quit along the way.

This is a numbers game, so you need to take more action to improve this result to gain a better outcome.

Sure it is a setback in feeling you have failed because they quit.

However, I know that is their issue for not wanting to take action to succeed online.

So now I help, support those asking for help somehow, and give advice where I can; if I don’t have a direct answer, I will provide a link relating to that question.

Take action yourself and be your own mentor.

One of these changes is to become our own mentor here within WA; that way, you are neither disappointed nor confused when you get so many different responses or even the wrong or negative response even from some who are ranked as Ambassadors.

As you become your own mentor, you will find it more effort to find your own answer.

Yes, answers can and most likely will be found here within WA, but also, you don’t need to wait to find answers here.

Take time to look for an answer yourself rather than doing nothing by waiting for a response.

This is the same with Live Chat; if you don’t get an answer or a response in Live Chat, ask the community.

Not everyone visits live chat, and you will find only the usual handful that visits; some give answers; others create a social media chat, but most of the time, they will answer any question asked.

Asking your question to the community gives you a large range of people from all around the world that can hopefully give you an added insight into your problem.

Another great method to find answers rather than waiting is a simple one that everyone uses daily.

This response to finding an answer yourself is a common term, and it is called Google it.

Take action for yourself and find the answer; if you are not happy with what you got here or still unsure of, this is called research, another phase you should be aware of.

Rely on yourself, not on others

Never rely on others to help you. I am not talking about trust, as many truly offer their support and help for no other reason than to help others go forward.

So appreciate it and be thankful.

Some tend to start ignoring you even though you keep helping and supporting them.

Just remember, this is fine; that is their issue and not yours.

You keep moving forward for yourself, not them. You can help and support along the way, but you are the important one.

Your part here is to go forward along your journey in life online and elsewhere and not depend on or wait for them to come back to you.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some members I still following and listen to what they have to offer, and I have learned a lot from them.

I can’t remember who the member was at the time, but it was an aha moment that made me realize the best person to help me is myself, that is, if I want to go forward online.

I have had many setbacks not just within WA but also outside on a personal level, which also took a toll working online.

However, I never gave up and slowly worked my way to build that website I was meant to do years ago.

No, I am not rich, nor do I profess to be. I don't make heaps of money despite the years I have been here, and I know if I took more control of my actions then and focused on myself more, I would have done extremely well.

In the meantime, I decided to be my own mentor and not rely on others, some of who think they are the ant’s pants just because they have made some big money.

This is not to say they are not successful because of the training, but more some have earned in other ways outside of the training.

It is great they are earning a lot, and kudos to them.

Some have become more spammy lately with their methods and even their claims.

The results are true, but the way they advertise it is not much different to the spammers who rip you off, and that to me is a big turn-off, and hence I don’t bother following them.

That is fine each to their own, so now I am my own mentor.

I will still read what some may say as many great members here really have a lot to offer, yet some are becoming too focused on popularity and not as helpful as their talent can be.

Now I am my own mentor and happy to help and support where I can, but I will not be discouraged from some who take your kindness you offer them to improve their own means online or within Wa.

That is all I have to say



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Debbi26 Premium
I agree with you. The person that I came in under is one of the people who has never been a member although does have a large network and collects a lot of commissions. I can look back and say I wish they checked on me at some point and I would have done better. However, it doesn't matter because we have all the training we can handle AND a community that is willing to jump in and that they did when I had issues with my site. I put the question out there and voila someone (albeit not my "mentor") came to the rescue.

We can make all the excuses we want for not succeeding but it ultimately comes down to what WE put into it and what WE make up our mind to do. WE find a way if we really want it.

Many quit because it is NOT easy but with time, effort and commitment, it IS doable. No one is going to do it for you!

My added 2 cents to you, bro!!!!

apache1 Premium Plus
Well said Sis and totally agree with you. Fortunately, we have a great community who do give support and help more than some so-called mentors but you explain it all so I won't need to add to that.

Enjoy your weekend and just be the wonderful Sis I know I have.

Debbi26 Premium
I AM enjoying my weekend. It's gorgeous here.

You have an awesome one as well. I'm ALMOST ready to go read before bed!!! So, later, bro!

apache1 Premium Plus
Great to hear sis enjoy your book and keep on enjoying your weekend

drjec Premium
Learning from my mistakes has been the reason that I have been successful. My father preached that all the time. But, he used to preface that by saying that I had to be willing to try before I could either succeed or fail and that both results would be hepful.
apache1 Premium Plus
True Jim at times some of the mistakes in life may not be the best to experience but they are valuable learning curves when we decide to take positive action to better oneself regardless of the topic at hand.

Thank you Jim always your comments are precious to read

Enjoy your weekend

JEaston Premium Plus
Thank you so much for this article, Andre, my friend; I learn from what you wrote here. Me, I didn't know my mentor too, it's ok I search my own. I am very observant... what I did is I based all on what I have learned in training. What I need now is to add an affiliate link to my site. Looking for additional affiliate programs etc. I think I can do it and continue learning...
Thank you and all the best to you, my friend.
apache1 Premium Plus
You are always welcome. If you need any help send me a PM and I will do what I can to help my awesome friend.

Chat soon

Asl always

Your friend

Andre :) :) :)
JEaston Premium Plus
Wow! Thank you so much, my friend Andre.
Best wishes always,
Joyce :-)
apache1 Premium Plus
Most welcome my friend

Enjoy your day

Andre :)
JEaston Premium Plus
Hello, my friend Andre!

Happy smiling day because it is 1st day of the week!

Happy Monday! my friend.

See you later...

apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you Joyce wishing you the same

Enjoy your day my friend

Ande :) :) :)
JEaston Premium Plus
:-) :-) :-)
apache1 Premium Plus
:-) :-) :-) 🥰😘
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true, Andre! I never really expected any help from the one I joined up under. I am my own mentor, but I'll ask the community and some close friends I have made here for help if I need it!

I have also assisted people to the best of my limited knowledge if I can via PM.

I primarily came here for the excellent hosting, and I have no regrets! Enjoy your day, my friend!

apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you, Jeff and you are appreciated for all the support and help you give and share.

I too never expected this type of support we have here when I first started however it doesn't take long to realize how fortunate we are and have become as a result of the wonderful community of like-minded friends.

Have a great day my friend it is not 12.35 am so finishing off a couple of things and time to hit the sack.'
Andre 😎
JeffreyBrown Premium
The best part of this, Andre, is that it is ALL a bonus to what we already get!

apache1 Premium Plus
Very much so Jeff

Have a good one

JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you, Andre! You too!

richardgb Premium
Hi Andre
Well said!
My experience here is that my 'mentor' is (probably) off somewhere travelling the World. I received what I think was an automatic link to some training and haven't heard anything since. But the support for my few questions has been superb.

As a coach for many years myself, I am not certain what a mentor is and assume it is like a personal teacher of sorts?

As a coach, I have often worked with people where I have very little knowledge of their subject. I use a simple yet powerful process that I apply to my own aspirations as well. A large part of coaching is about getting people to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions and on my profile I published my 'elevator speech' :
"I help people, in teams or as individuals, who want to achieve more or less anything, to figure out what they really want and how to get there, and to stay motivated while they get things done. It usually doesn't matter what the subject matter is."

This is what I (try at least to) apply to myself.
apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you, Richard

yes perhaps they may be traveling around the world but you are part of that reason why they are.
Their part is not finished with the sale but to continue helping their referrals all the way. Even if one is successful continuing to connect should be important as well.

We are in the business of building trust and relationships with our business that goes beyond making a sale or a referrals

Yet always focus on applying what you learn and when one takes action themselves that is when you become the best mentor.

richardgb Premium
Yes. I agree Andre.
apache1 Premium Plus
Thanks Richard enjoy your weekend