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This Sunday May 12th is Mother's Day here in Australia and indeed in many parts of the world.I just wanted to wish all regardless if you celebrate this on the same day or on another date as some countries do. Happy Mother's DayMay your day be full of love, Joy and filled with many blessings that you deserve and more. Take this moment to reflect with the fact you gave life and continue to give love as your children grow and even as adults they will also be your babies.There are many type of Mum
Life is a numbers game in all you do and Affiliate Marketing is no differentWhen you are born, you gain a number to your age and when you reach a certain number depending on the attitude you created in life with what you do will determine when that number stops.Depending on your personal beliefs you will return in another lifetimes with a different set of numbers but this time it is added to your numbers gained over previous lifetimes until you finally reach that perfection of pure 100% Whateve
May 05, 2019
Today is my Father's Birthday 6th May 1937 he passed away 14 years ago of a brain hermorage after suffering a Heart Attack then two days later of a massive stroke in 2005 On Boxing Day so for me the end of year is not always the happest times in celebrating the end of the year. Strange thing is I had a massive Heart Attack 3 years later also on Boxing Day. But I guess the paperwork wasn't filled in properly and they let me go to pester you guys in later years. Glad I am still here as I met some
May 02, 2019
I know there are some who have sold their websites along the way not as in flipping which some do but more as is selling your website as a whole.Just would like to enquire on what or where is the best place to sell your own websites and what is the usual procedureI just want the answer to the question asked not why's, reasons or anything elseWould like to know much appreciatedThanks
We know about the spam button that is available for any member to hit when we see or feel a post as spam.Here is the link from WA about Spam is a No No am not going to cover the main reason on what spam is according to WA rules you can click the link above and read it for yourself. Some of you may learn something new for a change for others use this to benefit and enhance what is and what is not allowed here within the community.Wh
April 29, 2019
This is mostly aimed for our newbies and recently newbies however those members who have been here for a while and may be struggle at times some of what is below may be of a great reminder and even re-visit some areas that may have been missed or forgotten.Firstly to all newbies.Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.As you begin to get more involved within WA you will start to feel at home and along with the many wonderful members here already, many you will consider as family as you become accustomed t
Last Night, I had an opportunity to find some peace and quiet from the household,I was going to do my usual meditation however; I found myself standing before the mirror and felt a need to ask some questions deep within me for some answers I was seeking.Shortly after standing there, I felt a moment of peace and solitude there was no sense of emotion or thought of where I was.When that moment passed, I became aware of my surroundings and knew I was elsewhere yet still at home.It was a beautiful
Today 27th April Sun has become a beautiful day here in Australia.The Sun is out, the weather is beautiful and hardly a cloud in the sky as I write this and the day is Awesome and will be AmazingPerhaps the reason it is so beautiful and awesome is that we have an Amazing person here in WA, also a SAC member and an Active Affiliate to boot.We are celebrating DEBS Birthday Yes she turns 21 again (plus blah blah) the extras does not matter because when someone is awesome, amazing and beautiful the
Australian Armed Forces have been involved in helping fight along their fellow allied forces since WW1 and beyond right up to these current times.It is not joyous occasion to celebrate fighting wars, but to acknowledge and give respect for all who have given their lives from both sides defending what was believed to be right for the sake of the so called reason of peace.Will have seen there can be no peace around the worlds by fighting and even more so when so many countries are still building
April 22, 2019
Have you checked your FaceBook Fan or Business Page yet?When you created a post you will see the following 0 People Reached 0 Engagements Boost PostI also noticed just now that with the section that states boost Post. Many of my posts come up with boost unavailabe becasue they are shared. These shared posts are mine I shared from my personal FB account to my Fan Page to increase the viewers.totally not fairI just went on to my Facebook Fan page and noticed that all the