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Many of us here in Wealthy Affiliate would know the value of creating YouTube videos that could help boost not only our rankings with the Search Engines for our websites. It can also give us a great potential in earning added revenue to what we have to offer for our visitor.Many of us (including me) still need to work on this and some of you already have done well with creating your own YouTube videos in line with your business. If you think, you cannot make money on YouTube then think again.
December 01, 2018
Take time to read into the question title. Just a simple yes or no. There is no need to think too deeply right now, just simply answer the question without any given thought. Now don’t be shy as you are asking yourself to yourself. So be open and honest. Don’t worry about the reasons now even though that little chatterbox called the EGO will already be giving you every reason under the sun to a simple yet powerful question. Regardless of the answer, ask yourself why you said y
November 24, 2018
There is always something happening here in WA. Most of the time it is full of wonderful training not only by Kyle or Carson but also by many of our members.We have seen and learnt from each others post we create here along with the training session other Premium members have created.We love to see not only the success of all our members which also include any Newbies whether they are starter members or just recently gone Premium.To all you, keep going forward and thank you to those who have c
November 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this occasian.You may be having a great time celebrating and have a wonderfest on the table. But don't forget your dog always loves to eat and celebrate too. So what not have some fun with the neighbours as well and let the your dogs out in the front yards while they enjoy their thanksgiving.Give a dog a bone this old man came hobbling home LOLEnjoy
November 18, 2018
Yesterday there were a few issues with SiteRubix website and still this is happening as many more are starting to find outTo my knowledge all other owned domains are working fine just issues with SiteRubixFirst of all Site Support mentioned to me that this seems to be an issue with Chrome.So one of the things you can check yourself is to go to another internet browser andn try there.I know all is fine with Internet Explorer and did not get this warning message above.Still having issues with Fir
November 15, 2018
Hi AllJust wanted to let you know of another spammer in our mist . I just received a private message here in WA and have already reported this to Kyle.It is obvious it is spam and I have no hestitation to display what was written and who it came from. So be aware and report any such issues directly to Kyle or Carson ASAP.So here is the message I received along with the person's name.I have no intention of respondinf to this persons and will let Kyle or Carson take care of it. This is for you to
November 03, 2018
The other day I decided to check for any broken links and found quite a few but all relating to one post that I was an affiliate for,Whatever I did each time I click a link the page wouldn't show up. Plus the fact I could not log into the affiliate program. It kept telling me that either the email or password was incorrect so I clicked the forgot password even thought I knew it.Got the reset email, so I created a new password and low and behold it wouldn't accept that either so I wrote to the r
I just saw on Facebook someone showing the audience on how they dealt with a scam for a friend. I thought was so funny had to share. Hopefully this will get through and you can enjoy a good laugh
October 03, 2018
Not sure, about where you are in your country but here parts of NSW Australia we have a company called Return and Earn.It gives everyone the opportunity to recycle items such as cans, bottles and in fact anything that shows a 10c return on the item. Unfortunately is doesn’t cover some items like milk cartons and other large plastic juice bottles but when you use this you can 10cent back on all items just by recycling. You can use this refund on either a charity they have, received a
My rant of wrong information given There are two parts to this post: The first is about a starter member which I have transcripts from the live chat below The second is about his sponsor when looking at their site has twister and incorrect information I am not happy about. First Part I have also sent a PM to the member so they can fix parts of their post as it is incorrect as you can see from the image which may have lead this starter member off the wrong side of the road. Today on live