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December 30, 2020
Hi AllJust a short one today here in Australia; it is already the 31st. I know for some, you have some hours or at least a day to go.I just wanted to wish all my friends a Happy New Year; stay safe and respect any rules during this uncertain time we have all been facing.In Australia, our world-famous Fireworks are going ahead, but all have been advised not to go and party along the foreshore as in other years due to Covid. For those who are going to be there a special permit pass is needed as t
Hi All Tomorrow is the 28th of December 2020, which is always a bit of a downer for me.The reason being is that on this day, my father passed away from a stroke, which caused a brain hemorrhage. Two days earlier, he had a stroke on the 26th of Dec 2005, and then two days after that, that second stroke caused the brain hemorrhage that took him away.I feel a bit down; what makes matters worse because three years after he passed away on the same date, 28th Dec, I had a massive heart attack that de
Well, for me, Christmas is done and dusted. Now time to get back to work online.Up till 3 am on Xmas Day we all came downstairs to open the presents, I did get about 5 hours sleep.A funny feeling, though, is your go-to bed in the early hours on Christmas Day; get some sleep and realized you are still on the same day when you wake up.Did Christmas get an extension? That's how it feels, which is good anyway?After the presents were opened and shared, my daughter went to bed (had about 4 hours of s
Well, here in Australia, it just turned midnight, and now we are celebrating a Wonderful Merry Christmas.Santa just came to our Australia shores after a nice day out at the beach and is in a race to catch up to you all.Here will get there for some give it a day for us in The land of Oz he made it.To all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate, have a safe and joyous Christmas, and May the New Year bring you much success you have been striving for all year.Stay safe, and for many who may not be abl
December 20, 2020
Some of you may not be aware yet, but the AIO Plugin not only has the plugin been updated, but the interface has changed big time.You will find some differences in its location on your dashboard.FirstlyIt used to be at the top as per the image below and is now further down.SecondlyThe whole looks have some changes guess; like WA’s interface, it will look so different you might find yourself lost at the beginning. I know I did, and at one point, I thought I had to re-do all the details all
So now it is official we have the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020 on offer and a wonderful one at that.As Members know here at WA we have two awesome benefits in being a Premium WA Member. The first is Premium which for a normal Yearly would cost $495 per year which in itself is fantastic considering all you have along with constant improvements each and every year WA gives to it's membersPremium OptionFor those wanting to become a premium member the normal Yearly Option is $495However
Well those of you who have gone to WA Platform Today will have noticed more than a slight upgrade. In fact this is a major uplifting than an upgrade.During today both in Live Chat along with some questions by members One of the biggest issues have been with members not being able to log in properlyMost of the time this will be a cache issue and all you need to do is refresher your cache how some still are struggling.There is a great Post by Alex which I wanted to share to help spread some added
Last week I got an email saying I just made a commission from 1 sale totaling $16.56.Which is great to hear but the fact is the merchant I joined back in 2016 eventually stopped having affilaites and left Commission Junction who had them promoting their program.So when this happen which was roughly about 1.1/2 years ago I though no use having any of their posts on my website as the affilaite program is dead so why promote if I won't be getting any sale.Well as I said they left the affilaite pro
September 19, 2020
Quick post admendmentEarlier on I sent a blog post saying believing it was our ambassador Jeffrey Brown Birthday but found out from another member is was another Jeffrey B Birthday and I got it wrong.So sorry for the confusion I got it wrong and it was no test just an error.I have since taken the post down as it is wrong and not worth leaviing it on when it is not true.My error in not checking further between the two namesAndre
Hi AllJust got a bit excited so I wanted to share with you all now.I just Finished a new post over the last couple of days.Just now I submitted my URL to Both Google and Bing then thought I will enter this into Jaaxy so I know when to check how it is ranking.As I did the first image came up was below of No 1 on GoogleAs you can see from the image this was Three minutes from submitting the postSo it goes to show it can take as little as 3 minutes in the case to get ranked and of course using Jaa