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April 12, 2019
Hi AllWill keep this simple and shortI have decided to scale back my activity here in WA. Don;t worry I am not giving up and anything like that no way that is going to happen. I will still reply to those that follow and PM but won't be as active as I have been. I have noticed too much negativity here of late and don't want to be a part of it.WA is an awesome Place to be not only to learn but to interact with fellow members however lately I have been seen especially in Live Chat to much Ego and
Hi AllI know at times many may be having issues with their Site speed some I have seen is in the red or orange.Here are two ways that can help you boost your Site speed to your websiteToday I finally got around (more like I remembered) to add a plugin called Lazy Load by WP Rocket. I know Kyle recommened this in one of his trainings and it certainly does make a difference.Don't forget also activating your Site Speed here in WA as wellSiteSpeed For those who havent you can find SiteSpeed by goin
How many times have you wondered on why am I here? Alternatively, what is my destiny in life?A very important note to the readers here.I am using the word Universe to capture as a whole not a particular name.I do not intend for this to be a religious post hence the word Universe but feel free to use what you are most comfortable with and to yourself.Please also should you reply in a comment don’t overdo the religious aspects, respect the rules here and importantly the beliefs others may h
I came across a poem today and after reading this, I felt this fits so perfectly to many members here in this community including myself. Regardless of if you are a Newbie, recent newbie and been here for a long timeAt times you will find many parts within this poem that will fit in with how you are, have or going through along your online journey or in life in generalAll credit goes to the author, mentioned at the endAlthough written back in, the 1800’s it still relates to many in today
Came home a few hours ago and wanted to clear some cobwebs after a long tough week. Still a couple of things to do for my mate and once done will be able to get back in the swing of things.I had a post that got put aside due to this but tonight I decided clear the cobwebs, get the mind going again and plough through in getting this post finished.Just checked and found it has been indexed within the hour so now I can relax, get some sleep and know I did what had to be done so far and am at peac
On Friday night shortly, after I posted a blog I received a phone call from the wife of a mate I used to go to high school with. We were the best of mates and still are after all these years In fact, he was my next-door neighbour for the six years we spent in high school back in the 70’s.He got diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 3 years ago as they didn't know at first but by then it was already starting to show signs of spreading, dispite the treatment the cancer got worse and spread to hi
Over the years since WA has been formed they have always given many people from around the world the opportunity to join as a free starter member.One to see if this is for them and two it gives them a great start to their online career should they wish to do so without costing anything to try. So Kudos to WA for that besides what starter members get for nothing could easily cost hundreds if not more with what they get.This is a great idea but it also comes with some pitfalls as we have seen. Sp
This morning here in Australia I opened up my computer and noticed that Facebook is not working. Oh How the Might Have Fallen is this Karma for all the wrongdoing by Facebook>PerhapsHas anyone having the same issues with Facebook not working?It is interesting that this is not the first time it has happened as many of you may know but last time it did I was feeling frustrated when it did and was waiting so eargily for it to come back so I could post on Facebook and check with friends and fami
Something to think about while you are having a break from writing content or have that blank moment if so this should get your mind back into it.EnjoyThese are some thoughts I came across recently just re-typed some of them as the image I had was not that clear and hard to read not all are there just those I could decipherSeeing there have been some members having that writer's block perhaps this could take your mind off what you what to write and as I said at the top maybe even re-charge the
Today I got follow by an apparent Premium member who originally joined in 2015 I went to thank them for the follow then noticed their are spamming the community with their prmotions not just one site but many.I told them I do not follow spammers and gave them the spam is a no no link.I also notice they created a blog here that spamming the community with heaps of links. Originaly I saw another member give them the spam link along with myself on that post.Low and behold I went to check back and