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Something I found today thought someone might want to read and benefit from it.So stay Awesome and continue to go forward, You are worth it and worthy of much more in life.You know it and so do IAndre
This week for me with rankings have been a good week two snippets plus today another one so three snippets with Google in a week.Definitely on a roll and goes to show keep following the training apply what is taught and you will see the results.As you can see this post I created back in 2014 when I first started goes to show when you revamp old posts you still are in there with a chanceWishing you all wellAndre
Not 1 but 3 posts on page 1 On a roll tonight Actually two of the same post and another 1I just posted a blog about having a featured snippet with one of my websites so I thought while I have Jaaxy opened I might look at the other posts. my other website, I just found again a Featured Snippet with Google and Yahoo in no 1One thing I noticed as you can see from the image above the second post under my featured snippet is also mine
Google Number 1 Plus Featured SnippetGuess what another day with good results using JaaxyEarlier today I decided to check with Jaaxy on some Posts so I can see what may need improving to boost ranking on the search engines. Some I found on Page 1 which was pleasing to know some nowhere around then I checked this post and WOWThe post below not only gave me a Position 1 on Page 1 on both Yahoo and Google but to top it off it is also a featured snippet.SEONow this post was originally published on
Re-charge your thinking mind.Something different for a change.Stumped about what to write, or you feel you need a break from writing content? Rather than having that blank expression on your face because you can't think of what to write, then change the way you think with these questions while still sub-consciously keeping your mind in active mode.This will help you overcome that procrastination that is ready to build up within you. It will help to keep your mind active. You never know an idea
First and foremostEarlier on I saw a blog post from Simone (newme202) who just stated she had two posts indexed plus on top of that got a referral.So well done Simone you are awesome and considering you have only been here since late last year goes to show when you apply what is taught by Kyle and others within WA you start to reap the rewards.An awesome achievement and would love for you guys to send her a big congrats on both here is her post link.
January 31, 2021
This is mainly for those who use Grammarly, the premium version.As you know, there is a setup before you start using Grammarly, as shown above.I would like to know your preferred setting; do you use it for most of your posts.This for each section as shown above.For those unaware of what each part consists of in each section, here it is, which will give those a greater understanding of a part of what Grammarly offers.AudienceGeneral: which is easy for anyone to read with minimal effortKnowledge
January 28, 2021
Hi AllHave been out of action for a bit. I know a few weeks ago I said I was stepping back a bit but which was fine but having the computer crash was not part of the deal.Then again thinking about it in one way it was of great benefit as it gave me more time to do some things I have postponed for years and got to read a lot more. So on that part, it was necessary for the Universe to do something about it. Pity, it had to be the computer. I nearly finished a 2900 word post but it crashed before
Like many of you, we constantly get spam messages from the unwanted wannabes in our emails.Every few days after I check my messages and respond to my family here in WA, I go to my email and delete any spam. I normally get around 90-100 each day.However, before I delete them, I always check to see if something has gone into the spam folder by mistake, then mark it as not spam, and then delete the rest of the crap I get.This morning after I checked in WA, that is what I did, Fortunately, because
January 14, 2021
Recently on my last blog, I stated that I will be stepping back from helping many here but have found it really hard to let go and staying away from you because I have so much deep respect for the words of gratitude and love you have given me lately.As I stated before, some may have seen that I will pop in and out and help where I can or at least give some support to my awesome souls that are here.I do intend to take more steps back to go forward for how long, well I guess until it is necessar