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Well that’s my warped version of the story and I’m sticking to it.Before 2005 Social networking was a bit of a hassle and a mess as you can see below.Then two buddies, Kyle and Carson who were studing computer work and had their own successful businesses came to the rescue (see Instagram photo above somewhere on Kyle’s desk, look to the left).Have you seen the mess on Kyle’s desk?He claims to love reading books and jargon-filled business magazines. More like jargon fil
This will not be a long post but I am giving praise and Acknowledgement to one member who has helped many along their journey here in Wealthy AffilaiteI was going through YouTube when I saw one of our Super Affilaites who just came back from the Las Vegas All Paid Wealthy Affilaite Convention in fact if I remember this is his second time two years in a row that he achieved his goals so congrats on that His name is Eric Cantu and as I was going though his video which is about 25 minutes I felt t
The invention of the Internet has created many awesome results and opportunities that can be of great value and provide much information to help those seeking answers. It has brought many people together including old friends, created new awesome friends and families that may be on the other side of the world or even in other states where you can now communicate with ease to them in many ways, like emails, social media accounts etc.Business alike can now communicate via emails, webinars and eve
There seems to be an influx of new starter members today after one of our members Twack went to say hi and they had the same profile message just with different names.This is Twack 's question so you are aware this is the message they are giving and it seems all are following the same guy) thank you Mia for picking that upIm a newbie at this. I stumbled across W. A by accident, and now im intrigued to see if working from home i
This will be short and to the point no fluff just a reality checkThis is mainly focused for the Newbie’s but also those who may have been here a bit longer can and should take note.There comes a time when we are struggling in life (mostly because of money or lack of) that we feel there has to be a better option. So many look to the internet for that better opportunity and see all these amazing and fantastic options where we can earn some much money online pretty much with the click of a b
February 06, 2019
Hi AllI wanted to share something with you that by adjusting your thoughts and feelings, which may help, improve your attitude to events occurring to you and to move forward in all you do.Regardless of what it is, it could be a personal issue or something here in Wealthy Affiliate that has caused you to question certain things you are facing. One, that can challenge your thoughts and feelings on how you are going or not.Although I mentioned personal issues, I wanted to focus mainly on your pres
January 30, 2019
Hi allFirstly to Starter members reading thisWelcome to Wealthy Affiliate the place to be if you want to learn the right way towards success online.For Premium members just returning back to Wealthy Affiliate after a long hiatusWelcome back and welcome home you already know this is the place to be that is why you came backTo those other premium members who have continued to stayWelcome and thank you for your visit here you know I appreciate you all and am humbled to be part of your network or a
Soon it will be 5 years (28 Feb 2014) since I joined and just wanted to post on what Wealthy Affiliate means to me and quite possibly to you.Like many members here. Before joining WA, we may have been looking for various forms of affiliate programs where we could earn and for some create an income that will give us that financial freedom we have been looking for.Unfortunately and I know many can relate there are affiliate programs that promise you the world but give a hunk of rock that for ma
January 26, 2019
Thank You these are two simple words yet can be one of the most powerful words given in many ways.Thank you for helping me outHere you are given thanks that becomes a two way street. One is thanking you for helping that person or group.The other is the one received the thank you for taking time to help one out. In return it can may the helper feel not only good about themselves but also gratifying knowing they have helped someone in need of an answer or solution to a problem.Thank you for all t
Hi allThis morning I decided to check up on Jaaxy as I have been doing some updates to some postsWhen I went into the site ranking I noticed (which I had to double check) I had not 1 post on the first page but 3I went to Google then also checked in Incognito mode as well just to be sure and yes confirmation all three were there 1st spot on page one but not only Google also on Bing and Yahoo. Awesome Instead on focusing on creating new content I felt a need to spuced some old posts for a chang